Anybody else experiencing project burnout?

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  1. I blame my burnout on the garage. Over the winter we ended up cramming a bunch of junk in there from another house and I just slowly lost interest in working on the car. Then came the mice because somebody didn't put the dog food away. So one smelly, cluttered garage later and I'm just kinda done. Working 2nd shift doesn't help much either. My plan is to take the car to my shop and just work on it every night after work. Problem is just finding the motivation to move all my crap there.
  2. Think my burnout is over....only heald back by uncle sam stalling my return for months now. Got car reg'd (3 yrs behind) and smogged over the weekend, so now can start fixing the numerous things that need attention and be able to appreciate the work, instead of having it just sit. Having a shop to work on a car is a big plus. I remember having one many years ago, but been doing the garage/driveway thing for quite some time. Shop takes a lot of stress out of the equation.
  3. I have plenty of room in my garage....when its not packed to the ceiling with junk. I just need to get my car out until my garage is empty again. Then I'm painting the floor and organizing everything. A clean work area is priority in my book.

  4. I hear ya! That shouldn't be a problem once I move....been dealing with 3 females storing crap for years...
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  5. When my Wife and I bought our house I made it perfectly clear, THE GARAGE IS MY TERRITORY!!!! :nono: Don't budge on it and show no fear or else just like a dog if they smell fear they will attack and win!

  6. This, I told the wife when we bought our house last year she could do ANYTHING with the interior she wanted (I'd do it, but she'd decide naturally) but the garage is MINE. I've had my car in my garage for a year now and haven't driven it out of my neighborhood except once to the grocery store a month ago... However once I get my inspection sticker this week I'll actually get to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

    Like the OP I've got young kids and a full time job, but that's why bed time for them is 8pm... and I'm up till midnight no matter what every night anyways so that helps. Keep it up man, you'll get there and you'll love it. I'm sure when I start on the body work and paint it'll be down for another 8-12 months though so I'm gonna hold off a year or two before I start that so I can enjoy the car first.
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  7. Some people on here have had some good advice to keep progress going like having a schedule/plan to work on it and when I started doing that progress in small bits started happening and it starts to look like there's light at the end of the tunnel.

    I've finally started spraying primer last weekend and got a few new pieces of interior installed that was needed a lot and it's starting to look less like a Frankenstein car and more like a fox. I'm starting to do what you did bird_dog, after bed time I head out to the garage and do some more sanding and prepping. A little hear and there adds up to a lot more than ZERO if my butt was on the couch watching summer time reruns.

    my progress thread

    Good luck to all.
  8. I'm ready to get back to work on mine, but it's serving DD duty at the moment so can't afford to take too much apart or start a long winded overhaul just yet... that and tossed my back out so kinda screwed to get much done period...
  9. Looked back at my post on page 3, a month and a half ago. Fuel line plumbing is still kicking my tail. I've ordered parts for it 5 times now. Wedding is din 10 days, so I'm back on hold, even though the FedEx guy came today with the last two fittings. Daughter comes first...or just self preservation. With momma tweaking over wedding stuff, me out in the garage instead of helping might just get me killed.
  10. I've been needing to set the pinion angle & preload of my rear suspension, and set the track width and alignment on my front suspension ever since March. Haven't touched it. I don't know if it's because I'm lazy, busy, or both.