Anybody else trying to quit chewin' ?

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  1. Man. This sucks. Second time around. Anybody else trying to stay on the wagon? Ive gone through enough Skoal cans to build a small condomium out of them. My brothers fight with cancer was a big influence . Makes ya all mean and pissy ! :mad: Anyone else wanting or trying to quit ? :rolleyes:
    Anyone? Bueller ? ... Bueller....
  2. Dad quit smoking about 3 years ago. I think the main thing is you have to truly want to quit. Plus, a couple things dad did to help is he went to a hypnotist and got put on zyban (not sure if it works for chewing). He also bought his Harley, which may sound like an odd way to quit smoking, but the money he would have spent on cigarettes went towards the Harley payment. He could afford the Harley or smoking, but not both. And one other thing he did (not sure how this would apply to chewing) is keep track of the cigarettes he didn't smoke. After a week or so, the number was so high, he didn't want to smoke and have to start back at 0 again.

    Now it seems totally normal for him not to be smoking and he has absolutely no problem being around smokers (other than he thinks it smells disgusting - he appologized for making us put up with it for so long).

  3. Hmmm. A great plan of attack really. Ive not heard of zyban though, its most likely not for the redneck cud chewers :p . Sounds like he made up his mind and hit it hard. The Harley is a good idea,, a double edge sword of sorts , being able to afford one or the other// an added bit of insurance. I admire his discipline. But to be honest, I completely lack that type of discipline. Fear of oral cancer is my initiator. The survival rates suck . Oral cancers are overwhelmingly (90%) squamous cell cancers . Squamous cells line the mucousa (oral cavity tissues). Squamous cell carcinomas are a less predictable, more aggressive form of cancer , as opposed to basal cell. They spread rapidly. Secondary tumors are usually a given. Basal cell carcinomas have a great prognosis given it is not ignored. Smokers mortality rates include a high percentage of cancers of the oral cavity . Im glad your father quit. His attack plan is truly impressive. Ill probably just build up a 800 dollar a day nicorette habit and have huge wads of chewed gum all over the place :rlaugh: . Funny thing about smoking, chewing, etc, that not a lot of people know, is that nicotine in itself, in low dosages can actually be good for you. Memory, stress, etc. Nicotine is not carcinogenic. It will not cause cancer. Its poisonous , yes, and addictive , but small doses wont harm you. The tobacco plant contains carcinogens as well as nicotine. Its the carcinogens that will close you out... Then along come the companies that manufacture cigarettes, chew, etc, and add even more nasty stuff. :shrug: . Oh well. Sorry I went on like that, Im bored and have a long drive ahead of me. Im glad your Dad quit. If he can be around other smokers and even think it smells terrible, then hes an ex-smoker.
  4. I quit chewing and started smoking. :doh:
  5. i tried zyban for a while... basically it makes you just not want to smoke... you just stop and dont care that you are not doing it anymore, you dont even think about it. it worked great... but then my doctor (actually the staff there) started being complete a holes and i got so pissed that i wouldnt go back in there (long story) so i could not get the prescription refilled and ran out of pills so i started smoking again...

    the stupidest part of it all is that the insurance compnaies wont cover the prescription antismoking stuff and the regular price of it is like 300 bucks... really stupid compared to the bills they are going to have to pay in the future if you dont stop smoking... but if you get zyban and have the doctor write up a prescription for wellbutrin (antidepressant, but the exact same pills inthe exact same bottle) they will cover it and its only like 20 bucks. :flag:
  6. most... disgusting... habit... ever

    gl with quitting
  7. Nasty habit...As Chelle has stated, you have to WANT to quit. I quit smoking 14 years ago after many unsuccessful attempts. I was smoking 3 packs a day! I used the 3 week filter thing where it cuts out the nicotine gradually. I still remember the day I quit, May 15, 1990, the day Sammy Davis Jr. passed away. Everything having to do with smoking went in the trash on that day. Good luck..........
  8. I quit about 4 years ago, and still crave a dip almost every day.

    I just made it difficult for myself to have a chew: instead of carrying the can in my pocket all the time, I'd leave it in the car; instead of buying cans by the roll, I'd buy just a can and try to make it last longer.

    You just have to want to quit, then do it. Self control. Oddly enough, my urge to quit came shortly after one of my spit cups spilled on my fiance.
  9. I tried to quit chewing several times, but always failed. I just got too hungry. :rlaugh:
  10. Oh man monkey ! That sux ! Have you tried nicorette ? Im chompin on a few of the 4 mg pieces right now. Its not near as good as a big ol' fatty (dip) but at least it wont help me on to a dirt nap ,, :rlaugh: 89lx, why did they take that route on you ? Seems anything should be better than smoking or chewing// Ask your doctor about the nicotine nasal spray. HA that sounds like a commercial. Hey, Ill keep going ! People with certain types of asthma should consult a physician before beginning any type of nasal medication. Side effects are nausea, vomiting, anuerisms , herpes, blood in your stool , blindness, colora, dysentary, crabs,paralysis, coma, leprosy, genital warts, terets syndrome, anal nodes , and foot odor.. :D
    Hey Oz, whats your poison? Mine is (was) (will probably be again) Skoal fine cut. I get all happy just writing the name. Its true love I tell ya, but shes a wolf in sheeps clothing. Snail and 2nd Mustang,, :hail2: YALL ARE THE MAN !! I envy you guys that can stay quit that long. Im weak ! Looks like me , Oz,Monkey, and 89lx need to have a contest. Wanna try again Oz? Whover stays on the wagon longest gets, ummm, oo ! I know ! A PRIZE ! :rolleyes: Ill be honest if I crash and burn...,. . Here in NC, its EVERYWHERE. We are after all, the top producing state. I pass 31 tobacco fields every day. And thats just going to my mailbox. Id like to just dive in and start wallerin around in em, but Ill just chomp this gum instead. :nonono:
  11. My dad had been smoking since before I was born, he quit cold turkey the day he found he was going to be a grandpa, hadn't touched one since. A little over 8 years.

    There are reasons, and then there are reasons......
  12. I walked away from an almost 20 year Copenhagen habit on August 5 2000. When I mean walked away that is exactly what I did....cold turkey. I had tried many times before over the years to quit but it was always difficult and whatever strategy you think is going to work is going to fail....UNTIL YOU GENUINELY WANT TO QUIT.

    Truly wanting to quit is the secret and if you don't honestly want to quit then you will keep going back. Quiting was the best thing I ever did and since I have quit the money I didn't waste on a useles habit has provided me enough cash to buy another car if I want.

    The hardest part about getting off the junk is busting the physical addiction so I suggest you try and quit when you have a week off and can sleep as much as you want to fight the cravings.....once the physical need is gone (3-7 days depending upon individual) then you start the contest with yourself to keep adding up those days of a tobacco free existence.

    After a while you won't even worry about it much but you will find yourself thinking about a nice dip when certain stimuli set you off but after you haven't dipped for a few months they will be merely thoughts and pass quite quickly because you know what you would have to go through to quit again.

    Good luck....and don't waste your time, breath, and other people's patience until you really want to quit.