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  1. get any work done on their 'stangs today?

    I've got the larger "halves" of my front disc calipers ready for POR15, I'll get to that tomorrow, and I'm also going to start disassembly of the rear brakes, and cleaning up of my "new" 8" rear / axle tomorrow.

    As soon as I get my tax refunds in I'm going to order the last of the parts I need to get the suspension/steering together (after I've finished repairs to the front clip)......including rear brake rebuild kit (shoes, springs, drums, etc.,), front coil and rear leaf springs, KYB shocks, caliper rebuild kit...........
    :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana: :banana:
  2. O yeah baby. Seven straight hours of sanding that engine bay. :mad: I hope it's all worth it in the end. :shrug: O well she will be awesome when I am done. By the way 65stanger you got yourself a pretty cool car. It's those little details that will set her apart. Keep us posted. :nice:
  3. Thanx!:nice:
    Yours is pretty sweet too!:nice:

    A few years back, one guy thought I had a V8 (she sounded pretty good with the header) and was surprised to find an I6......Once she's "done" the way I want her...V8 suspension, 5-lug wheels, dual exhaust, etc., etc...they'll REALLY be surprised to see my lil ol' 200 purrin' away when I pop the hood!:lol:
  4. That will be fun, summit is starting to get some parts for the I6's that will definantly put some pep her step.

    I'm also waiting for my tax return so i can get my rotating assembly balanced and drop it all in. Ahhhhh the sacrifices we make for the stangs.
  5. The tops of the caliper halves are POR15'd, after it dries I'll flip them over and do the bottoms.....should have some pics this evening too!
  6. Progress Report:

    Stripped the brakes off of the rear axle assy.......OMG!:eek: they were worse than I thought, am I ever glad I planned on rebuilding the brakes anywhooo.......:crazy:
    I also prepped the caliper inspection plates and spring clips for POR15-ing.......
    And as promised, here are some photos........
    First are the caliper "halves", one had just been POR15'd, the other was just metal prepped.....nice contrast..........:
    and here is the rear without the brake assemblies......:
  7. Good help is sooooooo hard to find.........I don't know where this little guy came from, but he wasn't too happy when I found him...:
    What was left was lying under the rear assy.......guess he was a stowaway!:shrug:
  8. Yup, sanding body panels.
  9. finally got the time to totally dial in the carb and set the timing (i think). no mean feat when you don't know what cam is in the car. also got the wiring under control to the point that nothing shorts when i turn on the car. the tach decided to stop working so now i have to look into that. :nonono: that's the beauty of 30+ year old car, there's always something to do.
  10. Well while stareing at mine up on the Lift...... :p
    I pulled off the lower side trim and fixed the dent in it.
    Its was just a small one but it has been bugging me for some time.

    Thats inbetween the house painting outside. :D
  11. No Stang work this weekend, but I did finish disassembly of the paint-booth (new pics added).
  12. I fixed the rotted out windowsill that has been bugging me for 6 months, How's that for fun? ;)
  13. I put my new air compressor thru the ringer this weekend. The ole girl is practically butt nekid now, all I have left to yank is the front seats, carpet and the latches and locks and she's off to the body shop finally. :banana:
  14. descriptions are no good know we require pictures of our girls, especially the butt nekid ones!:nono:

    I've posted many of "sally" in this condition! :rolleyes:
  15. Well then it'll have to wait until Thursday when I take off to finish her up as she's in the garage now, tucked away form the paparazzi and prying eyes.
  16. Is she topless? :banana: :banana: :banana:
  17. Yes, but she is toothless too. :rolleyes:
  18. Heh, I dont have a pic, but when dad and I were working on Chepsk8, changing the brakes to disc, dad nailed the car with a sledge hammer, and a dead bat fell out. Dad had to quickly dispose of it because I was trying to pick it up heh...
  19. Got my tax return last week so ordered a new headliner. I've been waiting to put my new windshield in untill I got that. The "leaking rain in my crotch thing" is getting a little old.

    This morning I put in new strut rod bushings and sway bar links. I was driving home from work yesterday and the car was all over the road with bump steer the likes of which I've never seen! It was so sketchy I parked it and drove my truck to order parts. I guess the limit between "barely noticable" and "completely intolerable" with regards to wear in these parts is very thin.

    It drives like a dream now. All the sqeaks and clunks from the front end are gone and it doesn't handle like an overloaded wheel barrow in parking lots.

    Next thing will be lower control arms (after the headliner and windshield are taken care of).

    Nice to see all your projects seeing some lovin' as well!
  20. Fritz-Before you install that 8 inch, you might do well to find an 8 inch carrier from a Pinto or something that has some lower rear end gears. That 2.80:1 is steep for a six banger and something like a 3.50:1 would be much more enjoyable to drive.