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  1. My current 7.5" has 2.79:1! I do plan on swapping in 3.50:1 as soon as I can afford them. :nice:
  2. You wish it had a 7-1/2"! Those old 6 banger rears were 7-1/4"! I actually blew the spiders gears up on one of those in a 1970 Maverick with a 170 6 cylinder 3 speed!!!


  3. Are you sure about that? Everything I've seen on the I6's indicates that its a 7.5" integral rear carrier type.....:shrug:
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  5. Ya, but you're only showing her good side!;):D
    keep at it!:nice:
  6. Well I gone an done it! Sent off my $700. parts order to Mustangs Unlimited on Monday. Should have just about everything I need to get her on her wheels again by this time next week!
    :banana: :banana: :banana:

    Now if the weather will just cooperate so I can start working on the front clip and get those repairs done! Chepsk8 and Pak, you're both welcome to drop in and lend a hand!:D;)
  7. My hands are full, how about I just lend an ear? :rolleyes:
  8. Hey Pak!

    I remember stripping Chepie down that far twice! Remember what happened last time I started a thread about topless cars........

    I finished the Dash in COBRASK8, including the two body color stripes.
  9. Enough talk Dan, show us a pic! :D
  10. Shall do tonight!
  11. Okay Mr Van Gogh! :nice:
    :banana: :spot: :banana: :spot: :banana:

    We Want Pics!!!
    :banana: :spot: :banana: :spot: :banana:
  12. You got Pics!!!!!


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  13. You're cheating!!! You're using the instruction manual!!! :nonono:
  14. Just for the pictures!!!!
  15. I didnt do anything real exciting, just opened up the 289 that came(separately) with my '68. I found out its .060 over, rusted bores, oil pan full of water, bent pump shaft, clogged pickup, uselessly corroded timing cover, ground-down rod cap pads, and a C9 block......its actually a 302. Almost the entire thing so far is garbage. One thing that did come out well was my repainting of the ash tray door with satin black laquer and stripping/painting the engine pullies gloss black.
  16. Now, now, now.......look on the bright side! You've got yourself a good boat anchor! :D
  17. Sweet, looks alot like your original vision except you added some white to it. So how did you apply it?


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  18. BTW, what do you guys think about this BMW color? It's got that blue steel gunmetal quality I have been searching for.



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  19. For me, the color seems a bit too grey, though an argent hood with dark blue egding would be quite a color scheme..

    The other stripe is grey, which will match the "Gurney Stripes" i plan to put on the nose of the car, along with grey meatballs for numbers. No Le Mans stripes. I also plan on having the same stripe in the carpeting in front of the seats. Having a theme, as well as the brake calipers are already painted dark orange!
  20. the color!:nice:

    Damn Dan, you have been busy!:eek:

    WOO HOO! Woke up from my nap this evening and found three packages from MU on my front stoop......I'll open them up tomorrow when I get home and post a photo of the contents!
    :banana: :banana: :banana: