Anybody else........?

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  1. my bad.

    I was trying to make myself feel good. Since mine is around 5 feet long.

    sorry cheapy

  2. Ummmm.....Monkey, that's your tail you're measuring, not your shaft!:nonono:

  3. I can pull my tail. So Its all good.
  4. You should see the way mine spins!
  5. I've got TWO! :p
  6. I heard somewhere that you had that new axle mostly disassembled......

    Your turn to wait for it....

    which means you're talking about half-shafts! :rlaugh:
  7. You have mis-read my posts buck-o.
    The rear axle and pumpkin are intact.....All I have disassembled at this point (all I am going to disassemble until I can afford the next rear gears) is the rear brakes.
    I am in the process of cleaning up, prepping and POR15-ing the whole sheboygan prior to assembling my new rear brakes.
    I am hoping to move it outside in the next day or two so I can take my neighbor's power washer to it.
    I also have new leafs, u-bolts, rear shackles, front bolts and KYB shocks to round out the rear suspension, and I got my welder back the other day too...........
    Besides......we were talking about DRIVEshafts.......which I have two of, sally's original and the one picked up from Realmongo in January.... :p

  8. and here I thought you found that dead mouse curled up in the ring gear? :shrug:
    Okay, so you managed to blow another perfectly GOOD "bad joke" by clouding thr issue wtih facts! :rolleyes:
  9. Looks like a lot of youse guys made better progress than I, but I worked on it.

    Mothers day today.
  10. Not everybody has, Roy. While I've done a lot of engine and tranny work on my '67; it doesn't really count for much, because it's all in my imagination :nonono: :rolleyes:
    Maybe one of these years when I've got a few more unaccounted-for spare bucks - and suddenly I find there are 30 hours in a standard day.

    I hadn't seen anything recently on your rebuild; I think the last post I saw included pics of the front clip/cowl being jigged up to the rear shell. How's the "ultimate resto-project" going for you?
  11. Don't feel too bad.....I slept most of today............ :(

  12. have realmongo's shaft :nono:

    two words.........SWORD FIGHT!
  13. Hey StD! I thought you got rid of the moldy peanut! :rolleyes:
  14. Nah. Remember, you were the one that told me that a peanut gutter-butter and toe-jam sandwich would probably taste bad. After some thought (but no taste testing, I decided to agree with your assertions; so he's still here. :nonono:

    with that said, I'll finish eating my green chile, bean and cheese burrito; and get back to work! :p

    EDIT: Hey, about this time next week I should be getting my seating assignments for the flight back to Ft Lost-in-the-Woods, Misery! :nice:
  15. And you're worried about eating a peanut gutter-butter and toe-jam sandwich....., WHY?:scratch:
  16. Ok, I was starting to feel like a slacker so I did a few things.

    Mounted the Subframes, got the rear underrider bars mounted. Mounted one taillight. LOL

    Will start prepping for the 10 point cage tomorrow and hopefully finish its install thursday. Then its just waiting on the Cobra motor to arrive and mock it up and get it bolted in.


    Oh, I guess Ill just have to be blown66 now I guess till I finish the 65. :p