Anybody got pics of Roush style wheels on a Fox

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  1. I really like they look of the Roush style wheels, newer and older ones, and am thinkg about getting some instead of Saleens. But only if I can find any replicas cause the genuine Roush wheels are over $1500 a set.

    Anybody got any pics or places to buy replicas?
  2. Search.. Pimtout his car has em..
  3. IMG_0053.jpg

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  4. I like the looks, they would look even better in chrome!!

    Anybody know where to get them for a decent price?
  5. 18s on one of my favorite Mustangs ever:

  6. OMG that white notch again, I just made a mess in my pants... I will print out that pic and show it to my white notch and say "here be like this!!! PLEASE" lol Seriously though, got any other pics of that car... you know, for the lonely nights? :D
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  8. That definately is a a sexy notch!!

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  9. Not only is it sexy, it's also a track terror. Basically a Griggs racecar in a plain wrapper.

  10. That's the one with the mini-tubs and custom-widened wheels, etc., correct?

    Where's a "hard-on" smiley when you need one? Fox notches rule! :nice:

    Edit: oh yeah - as far as money goes, I paid about $120/ea for mine (new) off eBay about 2 years ago. Thing is, they're no longer made. So they're hard to find, but not all that expensive.
  11. more pics of that white notch please :drool:

  12. There ya go:

  13. I want mine to turn into that so badly... :drool: I'd hit it