Anybody have *Nice* Interior Pics? CF? Painted interior? or something else?Need IDEAS

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  1. Here is mine. All gauges and a/c is All the billet parts came from UPR and

    That's all I have, I will get some pictures of the door and sill tomorrow.

  2. nice pics....

    Free post :banana:

  3. lookin good man, is that a Stewart warner shiftlight i see hiding behind the steering wheel?

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  4. You PAID for a V6, automatic, MUSTANG ? :jaw:

  5. Well yes it is fast03pony :D
  6. carbon fiber kits,any chrome or satin knobs, floor mats
  7. I really like the way the panels look painted gloss black. Where did you get the paint and what kind is it. Also how exactly did you go about painting them and do you think it would look good on a tan interior with a black car?
  8. I took the easy way out and gave them to the interior shop that upholstered my seats and told them I wanted them to match the exterior color.

    I think the black panels on tan would look good too. :shrug:
  9. yeah so? Keeps the insurace down and saves on gas milage. better than the 97 CHEVY!!! S-10 4cyl. I owned before it.

  10. wheres the J town ghetto?
  11. i painted my interior today w/ black dupli-color auto import paint, and it looks so much better. i'll post pics as soon as i can
  12. :nice: :nice: :nice:

  13. In New Jersey
  14. Nice pics guys!

    How can I get the OEM color? I changed my radio bezel with a double din one and the color doesnt match. If I cant get the color to match, then I will have no choice but to custom color the interior.

    How much would it cost to bring my panls to a shop and have them paint it?
  15. anybody want to add to this thread with some pics?..8months later and i still havent done any trim pieces..i did get some new two-tone leather racing seats..and i need to get some new carpet..I dont know if i should get black or red..i also added a double din 7inch kenwood touchscreen that really wakes up that ugly stock radio..will post pics once i decide what to do with the trim pieces.
  16. [​IMG]

    Took these out, who woulda guessed white and highly used door cups (smokes, keys, whatever) don't mix







  17. looks good. I like the center piece where the cup holders go..looks real nice.
  18. Looks nice... want to get rid of that Steeda Shifter bezel? ;)

    Also, is that a stock shifter/shift knob? My stock one looks nothing like that