Anybody here make it to Houston Raceway Park last night ?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by '99 T/A, Dec 15, 2003.

  1. I did - got there bright & early, and was rewarded w/ 3 passes where the track prep was perfect !! :nice: :hail2: :banana:

    Best of the night - and my all time best :D - was a 12.786 @ 107.01 .

    Sig change time !! :p

    After my three runs, though, someone lost a radiator hose. :(

    They cleaned for an hour, but the track conditions never returned to where they were. :shrug:

    At least, not for me. :bang:

    The other funny thing is that though my first 3 runs were new bests for me, I still got my butt handed to me each & every time !! :rlaugh:

    12.7 looks like nothing when the girl driving beside you runs in the mid 11's !!!!! :owned:


    Ah, well - it was fun. :flag:

    Later !