Anybody Here Use Torque Pro On Their Phone?

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by joshjwc9, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. I recently came across a couple guys using it to monitor IAT's and other things in lieu of having 40,000 gauges. I bought the app $5 and a $25 bluetooth OBD2 adapter. It can read codes as well and link with your navigation apps to plan out routes and so forth.

    I can view things like instant MPG, compass, have a supplemental speedo and tach as well as other things. It can datalog, calculate HP and Torque (although I have no clue what my car acutally weighs..but it is all pretty customizable and that.

    I just thought it was cool to have and I will probably be getting a RAM mount for my phone so I could play with the 0-60 and quarter mile times on my car :)
  2. I have it. Haven't used it in awhile. I can upgrade my phone on the first and will probably use it more then. Gonna just leave my current phone in the car. The track recorder works pretty good. I have the shift light too, but RPM's always lagged a bit on the app so haven't tried using it.
  3. I have it and love it! I get bugged at work a lot to check CEL codes. Its nice if you dont have a handheld turner and just a chip like me.
  4. I have a Diablo Programmer, and my car has its PCM flashed, so actually the program paid for itself!
  5. Thats pretty neat, Ill have to give it a look. Thanks for sharing the info!
  6. ive got it. works great on my turbocharged volvo, but my stang is pre obdII