anybody know the part # for a 90 5.0 t5 flywheel

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  1. i got one off ebay and the guy said it was a 50oz imbalance but i am not sure, the part number on it is rf-e1zr-6380-aa
  2. M-6375-C302 - This is the 50oz one in the FMS catalog
  3. Not sure, but you may get faster help by calling a Ford dealership and asking them what that part number is for.
    Hopefully someone will post an answer for you.
    Good luck.
  4. That one fits a 1982-1985 mustang. Will NOT fit a 90
  5. its the 28oz isnt it?
  6. 90 flywheel

    I'm on the opposite end of the same problem.
    I have a '90 stock flywheel that I was going to put back into the car in preparation to sell it, I'm keeping my billet steel flywheel, motosport clutch and lakewood bellhousing for the next project.

    There seems to be some confusion on the 50oz / 28oz change, some say 50oz 157 tooth is late model, some say the 28oz is late model.
    I only know one thing at this point, 164 tooth is old, 157 tooth is new.

    Here are the casting and stamping numbers from my '90 flywheel, which is 13.25" diameter.
    Does anyone have one of these in good shape (no heat cracks!) they'd like to sell?

    Casting number : RF-E1ZR6380-AZA
    Stamped number : E6ZR-AA 012 BL
  7. So an E1ZR-6380-A2A flywheel is for a 10" clutch?

    What's the P/N for the 86+ 10.5" clutch flywheel??