Anybody Know What This Is????

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  1. I knew i had a couple of these in my garage, figured i would see if you guys knew they are.(I know what they are)
  2. They look a lot like junk to me? :shrug:
  3. Then that would mean you dont know and thanks for being a smart ass.

    For being staff, i thought you would know better.
  4. Dude, lighten up...I was just funnin. :rolleyes:

    You want a serious answer, I'd say they had something to do with the cars radio system. Probably an ancient "amplifier" of some sort (although I'm probably wrong as that would be the easy answer)? In any case, the fact that you found them "laying around in your garage", covered in dust tells me that they were probably removed years ago as they were of no most factory radio components. Hence the "junk" term.

    That a better answer for ya? :shrug:
  5. its part of the reverb set up for a deluxe radio
    edit . they are actualy kind of cool sounding they give kind of a echo effect
    somewhat like plucking the strings of a guitar
  6. do you have the whole setup,dial for the dash to?
    i had a 66 GT that had it ,every time you hit a bump you get that echo
    way cool
  7. yes, i have two complete set ups,radio,switch,reverb unit and 4 pin harness
  8. that is cool:nice: i had a black 66 GT coupe that belonged to a ford rep. he drove from Santa Maria to mexico the car even had a ford rep dso. it was fully loaded ,air,console,remote trunk release,trunk rack,rally pack ,red poney interior,cruise controll,and the radio set up. its in a museum last i heard
  9. So, Thats what Studio Sonic Sound looks like?
  10. Not sure if its the same as studio sonic, all i know is its called Vibrasonic and was optional on a lot of the 60's cars.I never got a chance to hear how it sounds because when I "aquired" the car when i was 16, i just pulled everything out,didnt know things would become collectable.
  11. If you come across a schematic for it, we could reproduce them!