Anybody out there Convert Coupes to Convertible hardtops?

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by red ink, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. I like the 500 Convertible Hardtops. Anyone know of shops out there who will cut the top off my car and Turn it into a Convertible with a Hardtop? :lol:
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  2. That would be interesting, I would be curious to see that too. Obviously you would need SBFs at the minimum with the lack of a roof.
  3. Im not sure that you could do it. There are alot of differences between the verts and coupes. Why not just buy a vert and get the hard top thats sold for it??
  4. im guessing you dont mind weight? verts are heavy already, you would be adding a hard top to an already heavy convertible. Seems like a lot of work to me just to make the car slower....
  5. someone sells a hard top for them now?????


    more info please
  6. they are unfinished, with no headliner, rear glass, wiring, etc, and still really pricey.

    to the original poster:
    if you really want a hardtop/vert pm me
  7. how bot doing a sunroof, ithats what i want to do
  8. I want MY car to be a vert. Not buy a convertible and buy the hardtop. Mostly because i dont think i could find a half decent cobra convertible. Anyone who has one would be insane to let one go. And i cant see myself going from a coupe cobra to a gt vert. Weight mods wouldnt really bother me. In fact, i've seen some pretty sick bracing under cars that would be cool to use as extra support. Anyone got any thread links or pics to bracing such as im speaking of?
  9. Well.. your modification would cost probably over $3000 when its all done. Verts are that much different. Just buy a messed up V6 vert and swap everything. But if you really want to do it then I'd talk to a knowageable body shop. The only place I know of in this area that does stuff like that is Roman Custom Chariots in Cleveland, Oh.
  10. Go see Foose with checkbook in hand.
  11. go to the talk section and look at one of my posts about a hardtop convertible...its a cobra, WAS for sale on ebay, maybe u could check the link and call the guy???
    it was black by the way, and oooo soooo hot!
  12. Just make sure you bring doughnuts too!!
  13. I agree that verts are fun. So I added one to the stable.
    Interesting comparing it to my coupe! Both are 2006 and there are definite differences in many panels, under body and floor panel to brace the area the roof would on a coupe.
    Looking at the prices they are selling for, unless you already have a car payment, they are affordable. As noted above considerably cheaper than cutting coupe.
  14. I love my vert. But if I had to have help lifting the top off and back on 3 or 4 times a day I would absolutely hate it.
  15. I know this thread is older than dirt but people who would entertain such an idea should be aware that Ford built convertibles differently than coupes. It's not like the old Fox days where they converted coupes into convertibles. SN95 convertibles have thicker metal in the rocker area. There's also other panels that use thicker metal although I can remember them off the top of my head. Either way, a coupe-turned-convertible wouldn't be as rigid as a factory built convertible.

  16. Did you have to tune your car after your mods? If so how chip, hand tuner? dyno tuned??? Thanks.