Anybody Running This Fuel Pump Yet?

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  1. Me thinks you gotta be the first one to do it and report back with lots of comparison pics.
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  2. Was eyeing the same so pull trigger and tell us.
  3. I am curious but my focus pump and drilled basket ain't dead yet. The minute I have cause to swap one in, I will.
  4. F-that! So now BBK are fuel experts? Stay with Ford and get what I've got, Aviator 310lph pump. My Aviator + KB BAP + wiring upgrade = 600+rwhp

    I was hitting 480rwhp on the dyno @ around 5K before seeing A LOT of belt slip. Fuel pump duty cycle looked awesome!
  5. I will keep the aviator in mind if the bbk doesn't work out. Already have it ordered. I just joined the forum so I will post before I buy next time and see what you guys think.
  6. I'm running an AEM 320. I've seen a lot of good reviews on it, and it's done well for me for over 1000 miles now. Don't quote me on it, but I think it came with a warranty, too. Only $100, too. If you want to stay in the 500 rwhp area and the 99-04 fuel system, I think it's a good buy and very cost effective. A BAP is great and all that, but they are relatively expensive for what you're getting.

    If you want a relatively cheap, very simple, very easy-to-tune fuel system, convert over to a 97-down year model fuel system. You can get a tank and sending unit for $100, filler neck for $20, return fuel line for $50, fuel rails for $25, and throw a big Walbro 405 in it for $150, and you've got a monster fuel system good for 800 horsepower or more for sub $400. That's not any more expensive than a BAP plus a pump, and it has a lot more potential, especially if you upgrade the rails or lines or fuel hat in the process of converting over. Plus, since it's return-style and does away with all the electronic BS (PPRV, FPDM, FRPS, CIA, NSA, NASCAR, and all the other acronym electronic devices), it's very easy to tune and super reliable. Oh, and you get rid of the 'pump in a basket' setup and all the issues that go along with it.
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  7. :rlaugh:NASCAR and CIA.
  8. I got the BBK 300ml fuel pump installed and so far so good. I keep all the receipts for me car and wrote the install date on it so I will know how long it lasts. If it dies you guys will be the second to know after I get towed home.
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