anybody still use this?

Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by 77sleeper, Dec 9, 2010.

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  1. or should I use ebay?
  2. what are you looking for, trying to sell??
  3. I have a buch of stuff I collected for my II before it died

    no time to list properly right now

    but some of it is

    A original flywheel, a custom dual hump (from here) a custom radio plate (from here), a pair of quarter windows for a coupe, custom rear sway bar mounts (from here), an 8" differential (open) an powdercoated t-5 bell, rear sway bar

    that is just top of my head
  4. whats the crossmember look like? Mine needs taller humps than stock
  5. the x-member was made by a member on here and is for a t-5 swap

    I will try to post pics on the 23rd of this stuff
  6. That crossmember is one of a handful I made up for swapping a T5 into a MII, using the 4 speed bellhousing. It's the same one that was reverse-engineered by Phil, although from what I hear mine fits better. You shouldn't have any problem selling it 77sleeper.

    The swaybar endlinks are the ones I posted a picture of on one of the other MII websites.

    The radio faceplate is for mounting a CD player in the glovebox. I wasn't entirely happy with how this part turned out, and took mine out of my car. Although it works, the fit was just OK, and I decided I wanted my glovebox back.
  7. can you drop me a price for the coupe 1/4 windows? there not the ghia type right. how about the trim that goes around them too :D
  8. hey do you have a steering wheel with the horn pad?an what else do you have
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.