Anybody Think The New Mustang Looks Ugly?

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Do you like the looks of the new mustang?

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  1. I'm also a little concerned about what the price point will be. I'm hoping Ford is hedging good overseas sales, which will allow them to sell many more cars at a lower price.
  2. Have you seen or read anything indicating a drastic jump in price over the outgoing model? Everything I have read suggests that the prices will remain close to what they are now.
  3. No, nothing at all, just guesswork, assuming IRS and other new features will be somewhat costly, and as inflation and material costs rarely go downward. If not, then all the better. My post is really talking about more of where the Mustang is positioned in the new car marketplace compared to 1964. 50 years ago it was a really inexpensive, small, light, relatively fast (with v8 option) car. While the 2015 is impossible to compare to the 1964 1/2 technologically, I wonder if they wouldn't sell more domestically if they kept things a little more simple and inexpensive instead of striving for faster and more complex. In my neck of the woods, on a middle-class income, a RWD car at the new Mustang's price-point is getting hard to justify as a sound purchase. I'm sure that's not a very popular viewpoint but it's mine anyways -- and the sales numbers seem to back it up. I don't think it needed a face-lift, but more of a re-thinking. Maybe I'll be wrong and the world will eat it up. Though the number of well-to-do Asian Ford fans may be lower than Ford thinks, and Europeans ($10/gal gas) aren't going to eat up even the eco-boost version I fear. o_O Hopefully I'm completely wrong, if not I think we're in for a "Mustang II" sometime within the next few years (disclaimer: I own and love my II). Many HATE the II, but you can't argue with its sales numbers. I guess all I'm saying is I'd love to see half-a-million people get excited enough to run out and buy a 2015 and to see tons of them on the road, not the "exclusive" "premium" wanna-be supercar Ford is trying to sell. I care about that more than a grille.
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  4. ya that is true. I wish ford would of left it a little more muscley looking. And they should of left the car in the mid range price range. Instead of trying to be a wanta be high end sports car they should just make another supercar instead. The Ford GT is geting left behind compared to some of the new supercars coming out.
  5. I just checked the numbers with an inflation calculator...

    In '64, the Mustang started at $2240. Given the inflation, that equates to just over $16K now. The 2014 Mustang starts at $22,500. So, yes, comparatively speaking, current Mustangs are a little more expensive than they originally started at...but figure all the extra goodies you can get now versus then.

    Certainly wouldn't hurt to see a lower price point for them...I mean, $30K for a base GT? Ugh. But, that's what happens over time unfortunately.
  6. You're right, I did the same comparison and today's car is a lot more (infinitely more) than what you got in '64 - safety, luxury, emissions, economy, technology. Ultimately the problem is that wages & wealth didn't keep up with inflation (unless you believe the constantly politically re-calculated CPI). And for Mustang to continue to be an average Joe's car, it would have to downsize its aspirations. Not that I'd want it to go backwards 50 years in engineering, but it'd be nice if they could focus engineers on creatively cutting costs to make it more attainable as the adult toy it really is for most of us instead of fighting over a tiny marketplace with the Camaro based largely on speed.
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  7. Well, honestly I think the current one looks better, but it has always taken time for me to like the "new" mustang. I honestly think the current 2014 is a much better looking car, both in the front and especially in the back. However, there are many new modern advances going on in the new Mustang and I like the interior more. I'm wondering what the price tag is going to look like? I know that now is a great time to pick up a 2014. Really wondering if I can get into one soon. Love my truck but miss having a Mustang.
  8. So far I am not a fan of the S550. The side profile is pretty nice, and straight on from the back it looks pretty good. But everything else just seems unappealing to me. Especially the front- to me it looks like a "parts box special" that got a Fusion grille shell and Taurus headlights.

    Maybe it'll grow on me, I dunno.
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  9. I've been driving my '90 since I bought it new. When the 11's were announced I started looking hard. Shortly after that, the rumored 50th anniversary redesign was rumored so I decided to wait. Now it's here and I like it. Can't wait to see pricing and options. I think after 25 years, this will be a nice upgrade for me.
  10. Ok Honestly... the new 2015+ looks decent and overall a nice looking CAR... however i dont appreciate it as a MUSTANG ! why? well lets see.. if you're a TRUE mustang guy you know that traditional mustangs have round headlights with fog lights in the middle... 3 rectangle lights in the rear(which they do) and that sleek fastback look...thats why many enthusiasts loved the s197 and the 2011-2013 looks... Now bear with me ... the front end is the only thing horrible about it and the IRS .. not too fond of that... the front end honestly looks like an agressive fusion... LOL .. but overall not hating.. just not a TRUE mustang if you know what i mean,,
  11. I dunno, to me it looks more like a Mustang (67-70 is my "true Mustang" if there is such a thing...) than the current boxy generation! 67-70 were sleek and sexy, current gen is well, I paused and had to think, all I can think of is "blocky". I don't mean to annoy anyone with my opinion, and I think the main thing you can take away from this is there there is not really a "true Mustang", only the generation or traits that people best love, and everyone likes something different to everyone else. I think the front end is nice, could be better, a little too modern maybe, but (without looking at it as a Mustang) it is one nice looking car, I definitely agree with you there. I also don't see any problem with IRS - I don't see a live axle being more "true Mustang" than IRS, just the tech that was used at the start as it was the tech of the time, and kept being used as it was the simplest, cheapest option. I also think drivers are going to love how the machine now drives as good as it looks! (unless they did something wrong)
  12. I bought my first Mustang in 1984 and over the years I have owned 2 classics , 4 Foxes an SN95 and an s197. I think that qualifies me as a true mustang guy. As a true mustang guy I know that 1978 to 2004 Mustangs have rectangular headlamps with the fog lights mounted below the bumper. 2007 to 2014 GT500s have the fog lights below the bumper as do the 2010-2014 California Specials. The 3 bar tail lamps disappeared in 1978 and did not return until 1994. On the other hand Mustang IIs have round headlights and 3 bar tail lights. Point being I don't think the shape of the head and tail lights and the location of the fog lights is the determining factor as to whether a car is a true Mustang or not.
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  13. I'd like to see Ford do what Hyundai did with the Genesis Coupe.

    When they first hit the market, you could get either the turbo 4 or the 300hp V6 in any options package you wanted. If you wanted handling to be the main focus of your car, you could get the track package car with the 4-cyl and stick (lightest, best weight balance, better wheels/tires, and all the handling goodies and better brakes), if you just cared about raw power, you could get the 3.8 with all the base options.

    When all was said and done, you could get a 3.8/6spd car with all the base options for slightly higher than the 2.0T/6spd with all the options, I almost bought one instead of my 2010 Mustang GT because a stripped-down 3.8 model was going to be cheaper than the already killer deal I was getting on my 3,000 mile GT at the time, even before my Hyundai dealership employee discount. The V8 sound and the tried-and-true tech in the Mustang made the difference.

    1979 man, '78s were still Mustang IIs.

    All of that said, I like the new Mustang. It's a good-looking car. It's sleek, it's modern, it's got that "Ford" look to it for this generation, it's still rear-wheel-drive, they're bringing back an inline engine (Hey, 1964-1993 was a good run for an inline engine option!), they're finally putting an IRS under it (only 50 years after the idea was first presented), more than two engine options in the blue-collar market for the first time since the 2.3, 2.3T, 3.8, and 5.0 briefly coexisted in the foxes in the mid-80s. There's an awful lot to like, provided I can afford one. My next vehicle, if new, will probably be one if I don't end up with a Cummins-powered Nissan Titan when those hit the market in the next year, they're the two vehicles I'm looking forward to the most.
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  14. I like the video of the '15 GT with Jay Leno and a Ford Exec. Jay Leno loves cars, but you could tell he was not impressed with this car at all. He acted interested enough and bragged a little on it, but you could tell he thought this thing was fugly. Trading my '10 in for a '14 very soon!

    '14 aka the last real Mustang!! Fog lights, retro styling and a solid rear axle all day long.
  15. Really? I felt the opposite - it sounded to me like he really liked what they'd done.
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  16. Sometimes a design needs to "settle in". I REALLY loved the 1994-2001 Dodge Ram styling. I genuinely hated the 2002 redesign, yet, by 2006 there was a 2003 Ram that I really loved sitting in my driveway. I never did really fall for the 05-09 Mustang styling, though I did seriously consider buying two of them. Then the 2010 came out, and I bought one that year, I had to have a 2010, I loved everything about it.
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  17. I agree about the rear quarter windows. In fact, look at a 2002 Hyundai Tiburon coupe. From the side, the cars are near-twins.
  18. This car is the reason I came back here to stangnet. After being away for a couple years, I am really liking the 2015 ALOT. At least from the pictures. Wanted to see what you guys thought. Maybe I am alone in this somewhat. I just sold my 98 cobra, so my preference is towards the more curved lines. I think it is going to be one sexy beast. You just can't tell from the pictures. Some cars look good or bad in pictures and turn out to be something else in person. If it is everything it seems, I will be one of the first in line.

    My only concerns is the IRS. I know it will help in handling, but I like to take my cars to drag strip and I have seen enough cobra's blow these things out. Just not sure Ford is going to build it strong.

    And of course, the 4 banger. I will most likely hang my head in shame the first time I hear a Mustang with a fart can and a turbo. I love turbos, but for gods sake, at least put it on a detuned V8. The V6 has been hard enough for me to live with and I have actually come to somewhat appreciate, but not sure I will ever appreciate a 4 cyl mustang.
  19. I already liked the new coupe, but after seeing the convertible today?


    That's a drop-dead-sexy ride.

    I had two fox-body convertibles back-to-back in the early 2000s, swore off convertibles for life after that... that car looks so good it might change my mind.
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  20. I personally like some of the European lines on the car, while still retaining some of the American muscle elements. For me the car is a gorgeous blend of some of my favorite cars. I see a little Jaguar, a little Aston Martin, and of course Ford Mustang in the car and I am just in love with it. I expect Ford knew they were going into love it or hate it territory with this new exterior design. I also really like the interior changes. I don't quite see airplane cockpit, but I see a nice tight, easy to access dash and nice stylings on the interior of the vehicle. Lighter and more nimble isn't a bad thing either.

    As far as price goes, I had heard that it may climb a bit, mostly due to materials being more expensive. I had read that it might climb to 24-26 K for entry level. I guess we will see.