Anybody Think The New Mustang Looks Ugly?

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Do you like the looks of the new mustang?

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  1. I'm fine with the rear end and the interior but hopefully the front end doesn't last for too many years. I agree with what others have said in saying it looks like a Taurus/Fusion front end. Ford I feel is getting too attached to this look. For example, the Ford Fusion front is now on the Focus, which is similar to the Fiesta, and which is going to be similar to the Mustang.
    The bottom line is Ford is gonna hurt sales if the Fusion, Focus, Taurus, Fiesta, and Mustang all look the same. Its almost as if Ford is trying to be like BMW, Mercedes, and Audi - where all look the same but cost and performance is the only difference. I personally don't like it, takes away from the uniqueness and "soul" of a Ford product.
    Unfortunately, in the next few months I will have to sell my 07 Mustang (Getting Married and one thing will lead to another) and I want a Ford Escape, but if Ford changes the front end on that I may have to get a GM Product
  2. If the Mustang is paid off keep it!
  3. I dont really care for the pictures ive seen, kinda waiting to see one on the lot. I did see a G35 the other day and thought "that looks a little like the new mustang." SHM.

    Dont matter what I think though, Im buying a new truck before I get another Mustang.
  4. front end, mean as heck. rear end, eh. Ferrari or Aston look almost, meh. Euro look for sure, but thats the direction the market is going. more of a sleek sporty look, less muscle more finesse.
    Short of it: its OK, itll grow on me. but ill stick with a Mustang that looks more like a Mustang than a Euro superar
  5. I can't stand it...if I wanted a BMW I'd buy a BMW. The new look doesn't make it stand out...their trying to make it 'euro', but it's not it's an American car. The Mustang is the only American muscle car with a legacy...50 years and counting...make it a flagship of American engineering and not some 'euro' sell out.
  6. It's the best looking modern Mustang ever made. As said earlier, it looks good from every single angle. The interior is the best ever. This car is a winner and most likely will be in my driveway this time next year or a little later. In this color, look at this sexy beast: pmOr5G7.jpg
  7. The wife and I went to the NY Autoshow Saturday afternoon. Now that I have seen it in person I have to say it is a awesome. Ford got it right. If it performs like they say it does it is a winner.
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  8. f1seb - That's the guard colour right? It's a little green I've noticed. I would like to see a fastback in magnetic, the shots of the vert make the plastic bits (front end mostly) look solid. I think magnetic will be a very sophisticated / mature colour, not as outrageous as the red or yellow, or even the blue. I also love the "shaved" look (no spoiler, badges or hood vents - even the pony on the back instead of the GT badge) of the ecoboost. I do prefer the GT grille though.
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  9. The back end is hideous in person. It slopes down like a '96 Taurus.
  10. It's a great looking car, but it's lost more than a little of it's Mustang uniqueness and identity (except for the rear end). I wish they had styled the rear quarter window/pillar to look like the '69-70 fastbacks, but this I know would have compromised visibility and made the quarter windows Camaro-tiny.
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  11. Just when I though Mustang had gotten back on the right track...I hate it almost as much as the ridiculous turtle designs Ford went with in the 70's. I was so glad when they brought back the classic 69/70 we go again with some idiot's idea about trying to look like everyone else to boost sales. Now instead of looking like a mean shark about to eat everything in front of it, it is starting to look like the typical family car again...are we about to trade our beloved mean machine to suit the teens and grandmas....and Chevy people....again?

    Looks more like Japanese styling to me...Nissan or Toyota...with the pointy eyes and heavy looking front something out of an old Godzilla movie...actually a lot like Mothra and the little ugly cars in those films. Take a look at the design team...that will tell you something. They look like pretentious guys that would whine about fuel economy, emissions and insurance costs; power posers ....just like the way the car looks to me. BTW, that's exactly the mentality that ended the muscle car era in 1971 in the first place. Please let's not go there again.

    Hey...I have an idea for Ford. Why not add a powerful 4 cylinder with some bumble bee mufflers to go along with the clunky pointy look?
  12. ^ Just out of curiosity have you seen it in person ?
  13. I don't care for the front end at all. Looks too much like a cat fish. I thought they should have stayed with the 05-14 look a little more. Thank goodness by the time this body style is out the 11-14's will be more reasonably priced for me. So buy 'em up so I can get its predecessor.
  14. Thanks for the polite response. No...I haven't actually seen it in person. But there are a few things the pictures show that wouldn't be any different: The long wrap around pointy headlights...while I was driving around yesterday I was looking and noticed about 20 Japanese cars with very similar headlight design; and the slant-down of the rocker panels toward each wheel looks a lot like the Camaro to me...sorta like a bulky chariot; and I see points all over the place. Everybody seems to be calling that 'European' design, but looking back over the years of classic European design, I believe putting points on everything came from the Japanese....anyway that's why I say it looks more Japanese/Godzilla-movie-ish to me. Whatever it can be termed...I see a lot of design copying and following instead of leading, and that is always a little disappointing to me; especially with a Ford.

    You're right though, I need to see it in person before I get too mean about it. It's not a bad looking car and kinda cool looking, but I truly believe it won't stand out as a mustang when it's parked in a row of modern cars like my 2012 does. I guess I'm just such a fan of the 65-70 stang, that I was overwhelmed with sadness when they went to the behemoth 71 heavy horse...then with happiness over the last few years when they brought back the original look. Just a little disappointed and think the new one is too much of a sell-out for Ford. I guess I couldn't expect the retro design with graceful lines and lack of flash and bling to last long in the modern world. I'm sure there will be a lot of die-hards like me, but I sure don't want to offend anyone.
  15. ^ I hear you dude. I just think that you might be surprised once you see it in person. I know I was . I thought it looked nice in the pictures , but seeing it in person really sold me on it. The only thing I don't like is the generic quarter windows. They could have come off of any Asian or European coupe. Ford (or the after market needs to replace them with something styled along the lines of the 69-70 sports roof. Otherwise I think Ford got it right. But your opinion is your opinion , but I would wait until you see it up close. One thing I disagree with you is that it is clearly a Mustang, even from down the street there no question as to what kind of car it is.
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  16. You've got a point....I'll wait till I see it in person and give it a chance. Truth is I'm still pissed about something Ford did 44 years ago and I can't seem to let it go...but it wasn't just Ford. All 3 American manufacturers are responsible for ending the classic muscle car era in '72 with low horsepower, fake scoops and big clunky smog cars with redundant tachometers...I especially hated to see what Ford did with the Mustang through the 70's and I'm afraid they'll do it again...looks like they're heading that way to me, but I'll give it a chance and we'll see what happens.
  17. Nicest looking mustang since the '03 Cobra IMO. I wasn't crazy about a few of the concept drawings but the production model is a total home run on fords part. :nice:
  18. Isn't the 2015 the first Mustang that does NOT have fake scoops, etc? I don't see a lack of power either, the cheapest / least powerful one comes with a 300HP V6 - the 99 - 04 GTs started with 260HP... It looks to me their doing the opposite of what happened back then, making a car that is actually faster than it looks, and it looks pretty fast!
  19. Mustangs haven't had hood scoops , fake or otherwise, since 2004.
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