Anybody Think The New Mustang Looks Ugly?

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Do you like the looks of the new mustang?

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  1. Well said. I was thinking the same thing...from shark to catfish. I wish I had 5 or 6 more 11-14's sitting in my garage. First cars I've seen since 1970 that were actually worth spending big money on a re-paint
  2. No...but muscle cars did pre-'72 like the post says
  4. Pre-'72 muscle cars certainly had functional scoops, like the post says...."All 3 American manufacturers are responsible for ending the classic muscle car era in '72 with low horsepower, fake scoops and big clunky smog cars with redundant tachometers". Just trying to make a point (taking full context of the statement) about sell-out trends, like the copy-cat body styling, which is obvious all over the 2015.
  5. I completely get your point , but he said that its the fist mustang not to have fake scoops, and that is just wrong. I think the blame for ending the muscle car era lies more with the government then the car manufactures. They were handcuffed in both styling and performance by the severe changes in emissions and safety regulations that the gov't forced on them .Throw in rising fuel prices and skyrocketing insurance premiums for high performance cars, and it was game over for the American performance car.
  6.'re right about the gov regs. But emission changes in 72 didn't amount to much...and I can't really blame the gov for trying to do something about smog because it was killing people in big cities(Ozone depletion wasn't even an issue then) . I always had a problem with across the board laws though...I thought it would have been fine to regulate daily drivers/family cars and leave performance cars alone.
    I think the main blame for lowering performance was with the insurance companies...but as an indirect result of children driving muscle monsters. I had 15 year old friends whose parents bought them hemi Cuda's, Gto Judges, etc. By 1971 there had been so many teenage fatalities, the insurance companies put a seriously ridiculous premium on performance. Seems crazy now that a 15 yr old kid could drive a Road Runner that could be ordered without seats or carpet to cut down on weight.

    I never did understand why the car companies had to go with the giant ugly cars of the 70's though. I mean the 71-73 mustangs looked like big ol Torino's or something. My friend down the street has a 72 and I can hear him coming up the road for 10 minutes...and it's only 1/4 mile away. Then when it passes, it's like watching a battleship go by. It wasn't just cars though...everything from Harleys to musical instruments went way downhill for a few years there; big, gaudy and super low quality. I guess we'll see where this new trend takes us...looks kinda flashy and bulky to me but who knows?
  7. Front and side looks good, but the rear makes a 5th Gen. Camaro rear look good, that means it's pretty ugly.
  8. I think the car is pretty hot all around, especially the rear end. The front end is definitely my least favorite design cue, but it still looks nice, and I'm not overly bothered by it. Really, I don't understand how people get so bent out of shape over redesigns before they even see one in person or drive one. I remember being on this site back in 03-04 and having to suffer through lots of negativity over the '05 redesign. It'd be interesting to know how may of those complainers actually ended up buying one of those cars. I'm guessing lots.

    I absolutely love the front end look of my 2012 GT, it's definitely my favorite, at least for now. I think a 2015 Stang with a front end that is a slightly refined version of the outgoing model would be pretty close to the perfect car (for me).

    I drive past Dearborn every day on my way to work and I've seen a few of the '15s cruising up and down I-94 in what appeared to be full production trim without camo. I was driving right behind a dark grey one while stuck in traffic a few weeks ago so I was able to get a really good up close look at it from various angles. It really does look pretty badass in person, and IMO, is unmistakably Mustang.
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  9. The rear fender line is too low. Looks lower than the front fender line from some angles. The hood line needs to drop down starting at the top of the front wheels. The leading edge of the rear deck needs to come up a bit. The back view needs to be squared off a little from all angles.
  10. I see the new 2015 Mustang from the perspective of the S195's were built as a classic design with new world technology... whereas the S550 is a new design using classic inspiration... it still has THAT Mustang look and snarl, but is more even tempered, a little more refined, and has matured... but still has the "kid" in there...
  11. I think it looks great, just sad to hear it weighs more than the 2014. Wont stop me from buying a new one though. Might be next summer though. I'm selling my trusty 90 and this will be the first time I have been without a mustang since 1978. Just think I would like to see the first few builds hit the road and see what needs ironed out.
  12. Well road tests are out and getting same numbers as the 2014.. I'll wait until they figure out how to drop some weight
  13. The new honda accord coupe? or the mustang?
  14. I was in the same boat you were. hated the look and thought it looked just like a sedan, but as time went on I started to see the beautiful classic styling in it and the wonderful plans Ford had for the new pony and instantly fell in love with it.
  15. Saw my first one at the local dealer, looked it over, liked the rear and side profile, hate every piece of sheet metal and plastic from the firewall forward. Then I went and looked at a 15 challenger for a lot longer than I did the mustang. If I were buying a new muscle car, just might ya never know, it wouldn't be the mustang.
  16. My wife and I drove a 15' gt today with the 6 spd manual. We BOTH had a blast. She hasn't driven a manual in over 10 years and was smiling ear to ear. I loved seeing her having such a great time. Isn't that what a car is supposed to do? It reminded my of when we were first dating as teenagers she had an old s-10 pickup that was a total POS, but it had a manual transmission and she loved driving it. Out of all the cars we've had the last 23 it's the one she always talks about. Stirring emotion. That's what cars should do. I think we maybe ordering soon.

    Great job Ford! I think this one is a winner.
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  17. I had my reservations about it so I went and took a look at it over the weekend at the local ford dealer. I have to say that I am not impressed at all. They had it parked right next to a fusion, and it looks very similar on the front end with some extra Euro swoop flourishes. It is obvious that Ford is trying to get all of their cars to have that same "oh!" front end. I was ok with it until I walked around the back. The rear end on this car is absolutely hideous. That upper lip deck lid sticks out way too far, and they just ruined the lines. Awful. Just awful. It might be ok if they put a serious spoiler on that thing, but as it is without the spoiler, that just looks like someone whacked it off and didn't finish it. I am really disappointed. I had hoped for something sexy, but that is just a hemorrhoid.
  18. I have looked at a new 2015 GT sitting next to a pair of 2014 GT's. I like them both. The interior of the 2015 is a lot nicer in my opinion. There are always people that don't like change. I for one like this new model.
  19. I work in parts at a dealership now, and I get to see the new cars up close on a daily basis. They've definitely grown on me to the point I almost wish I'd waited... Almost.
  20. I agree wholeheartedly. You really says something in the first place when people are debating about whether a car is ugly or not. I remember my Dad and uncles arguing about the looks of the Edsel, when Ford tried to pass that off on the public as modern and sleek...but at least it was a new design, not a re-design of a classic. Lots of folks tried to convince themselves and others that it was graceful; just like now, with the '15 Mustang. The entire car looks like crap to the design team was just trying to stick as much copycat Euro-Jap junk here and there as they could; I mean seriously: Very sedan-ish...long and skinny and bulky at the same time, with pointy features something out of a 60's Godzilla movie. I'd say more Japanese than Euro. I don't think it has to do with whether people like change or not....but if you are going to change a really good thing; at least make it better and try not to get all weird. Dog Ugly!
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