Anybody up for a Classic Stangnetter get-Together in Vegas Dec 29?

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  1. Hey everybody!

    I'll be in Vegas Dec 29-30 to rescue my Daughter Mustanggurl and her brother Scott from thier evil Mother! I have the night of Dec 29 open.

    Party? :banana:

    Let me know.....
  2. Cool! I am going to be in Vegas on the 28-30th. The night of the 28th I am going to a show at 8pm so we might not be able to meet that night but maybe we could hangout during the day. It's far to long since I got to hang out with another mustang fanatic.
  3. I'll gonna pick me up in Cobrask8? :D
  4. JIKelly,

    The night of the 29th - Doing anything? We could make this work!

    BBFCM - If you provide a trailer, I can "arrive" at your house in Cobrask8, still waiting for tires!!!!
  5. What happened to the trailer you used to bring Cobrask8 home on? :shrug:
  6. it doesnt matter, i heard his slave labor ran away
  7. Better bring me back a Christmas present!;):D
  8. ya, slide the pieces of cobrask8 off the trailer, and quietly sneak the sinister stang on the trailer and haul butt...
  9. Cheapie.. unfortunitely I won't be able to go up... it it was at the end of the previous week I might be able to swing it. But school starts up again (and i only have 2 semesters left yippiee!!!!!!!)
  10. Wait maybe the show was the 29th at 8pm. I'll have to check with my girlfriend since she did all the planing. I don't plan unless I have to.

    mdjay I'll have to stop by your shop and check it out. I would love to drive my 73 mustang on the trip, but there are issues with my steering that make me nervous about taking the old girl on a nearly 3000 mile trip.

    Of course if I got a sizable donation I could spend the week upgrading to a rack and pinion system. Hint, Hint.
  11. Come on by!

    The stang sits in the showroom. Maybe we'll fire her up and take a spin!

    Also watch the Overhaulin episode on 12/14. They do a 70 fastback right at SEMA. The kid who's dad owns it works for me and the car is expected to be in our showroom as well around that time:)

    Racks, racks, racks. These tend to require a lead time due to demand. That is unless you're talkin' about the ones down the street at those special bars :)
  12. Hey what a coincidence, I'll be passing through that area while moving to AZ from OR...
  13. Mdjay,

    Definitely! I'll stop in! Next week, we'll set things up.

    Jikelly - 30th daytime can work too! Breakfast?

    BBFCM - I have anytime access to the trailer, but the tires for Cobrask8 are still back-ordered!

    Deanna got a job!!! Now I have to finish Cobrask8 by myself!!!!!
  14. Hmmmmm.....which will get finished first, Cobrask8 or "sally"?:scratch:
    Just remember you have an unfair advantage....a garage to work in!:nono:
  15. Jeeze, the 29th is the middle of the week; and all thE available vacation slots are taken - for that whole week! :mad: :notnice:


    So when are you gonna be back out here? :shrug:
  16. So, call in sick.....:shrug:
    Besides, you gotta save your vacation time for the Burger, Beer and Beach bash...........
  17. Time to get this thread current!

    mdjay, a definite. Can you PM me your conyact info?

    jikelly - well? Can we find some time???
  18. chepsk8

    Clear you box, it bounced back!