Anybody up for a Classic Stangnetter get-Together in Vegas Dec 29?

Discussion in '1965 - 1973 Classic Mustangs -General/Talk-' started by chepsk8, Dec 9, 2004.

  1. Uncle Chepsk8,
    Don't forget to bring back Christmas presents for your niece sally!
    She told me she would like hood (bolt on) and side scoops and the R-style front valance....she likes the one she can wear with her bumper!;)
  2. I will make time to meet up with you guys.
  3. OK, here's my schedule:

    I fly in on the 29th, landing at McCarren at 7:23 PM, fly out the 30th at 4:40 PM.


    Fun Wednesday night, and over to the Mustang Depot Thurs?
  4. I've got to get the schedule worked out with my girfriend who did all the planing for the trip, and I'll give you the skinny tomorrow.
  5. Good!

    Most likely, I'll visit Jay at the Mustang Depot on the 30th, late morning - lunchtime. Play at night, Pony fun, then rescue the kids and fly home.

    sleep? Hmmmmmmmmmmm............
  6. I think that is very workable. Here is the lowdown from my girlfriend turned Fiancé last night. I couldn't help it. I love her.

    We'll be in late late (probably) on the 28th, then we'll be there the 29th, on which we have to go to the Excalibur show at 8ish. It'll probably be done by like 10:30-11, then we get up and leave on the 30th
  7. Perfect!

    I may book a room there, as I like the casino there, and have seen the show!!! I'll confirm ASAP.

    BTW, congrats!!!!
  8. We will be staying at the Imperial Palace those couple days. They have a car show deal set up there and people actually display cars for sale. My Fiancé says you can see the cars at
  9. Life is nice & quiet!!!!!!

    Kids are gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Enjoying the Christmas holidays with neighbors & girlfriend! And NOT working on the car!!!!! I can sleep at night in a quiet house, I don't have to rush home to cook & fix stuff, damn I love this batchelor stuff!!!!! :banana:

    OK guys, Deanna has my cell, so I will arrainge thins with you beginning of the week.

    Hope your holidays were good!

    (BTW, Santa brought me a new printer/scanner/fax/dishwasher/clothesdryer/food-processor/copier thingie!) :banana:
    I wonder what does the other g/f think 'o' that?:scratch:
  11. Nah, Blue, Same one for the last two months. No more Bimbos!!!
  12. I can see age has affected your last post sailed right over your senile head!:lol:

    Glad to hear you're happy tho'!:nice:
  13. Senility is a wonderful thingie!!!!!!
  14. Just heard from Mustanggurl, both kids are homesick. Ugh!

    Anyone out there want to send them a message?
  15. Who said that? :shrug: can't find my damned bifocals again!:scratch:
    Don't worry Deanna...........Cobrask8 will be waiting for you when you get home, and I can guarrantee your Dad hasn't done ANY work on her!

  16. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  17. Last night of freedom! Off to "Lost Wages" tomorrow!

    Last call for anyone else?

    Jimmy, I'll call ya and set things up! Late drinks or breakfast? Jay, We'll visit the shop late morning!
  18. :scratch: Must mean somebody else...not only did I not get time off; but my boss took yet another vacation to help the Paxcil do its job. :nonono:
  19. I'm back, and the cobwebs from New Years's are almost gone!

    What a great trip! Lot's of fun in "Lost Wages"! I actually broke even playing Black Jack, saw a show, and met some great folks from here!

    Thurs Morning, Jimmy and his fiance picked me up at the Excaliber where I was staying, and we had a MONSTEROUS buffet breakfast! Lots of food! Got a chance to talk with the happy couple, what a pair of great folks! We talked about Jimmy's Mustang, teaching, and more.

    Then we all drove over to MUSTANG DEPOT there in Vegas, and met Jay. Another upstanging member with an absolutely AWESOME 66 Mustang coupe! Blown, full race suspension, Custom body panels, an incredible ride. The best part is that the car WORKS! He took each of us out for hair-raising rides, sideways full-throttle blasts down the streets! YEEEEEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

    Afterwards, we talked Mustangs for a while, and finished our visit. If you're in Vegas, find Jay at the shop!

    Finally, Jimmy & his fiance dropped me off at the airport, where I met my kids, and flew home. A busy, but fun trip!

    I did not have my camera, but Jimmy did, so I hope he'll post pics here soon, so we can reveal more secret identities!

    (sorry fritz, no showgirls would come back with me. Something about blue fuzz.......)