anybody use one of these b4?

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  1. Wow are you buying that?
  2. no, but it doesnt list our cars so it probably wont work anyway

  3. well in the jegs magazine, it says for a4ld's..... hmm
  4. jegs lol watch out for getting screwed by them
  5. why, neither me nor any of my friends (who order from them all the time) have had any problems with them?
  6. Well, that thing says it's for '94-97 Mustangs anyway.
  7. You have had some good luck then, I am still trying to get my money back from some products I returned to them and some of my friends are trying the same. Just make sure that you have 100% the correct thing from them each time.
  8. I have one for a 4r70w laying around, had it on my 97 F150 till I sold the truck. They do work, even ran it for a while after I put the B&M shift kit in, talk about kablam. It shifted very hard with both.