Anybody Using Profession Products Fuel Rail Kit?

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  1. Hey guys I'm going to need fuel rails for my build. I'd love to get the Aeromotive fuel rail kit but that's not going to agree with my budget. I've heard horror stories about the BBK fuel rails being leaky. So the other option within my budget constraints is the Professional Products fuel rail kit. Anybody using them, heard anything good or bad, seen anything good or bad with them? My other concern is that the regulator mounts toward the front of the rail instead of the stock location towards the rear of the rail.
  2. Try not to be offended, but here's the way i see it, if you can afford to build an engine that requires fuel rails and a fuel system, you can afford the extra $120 it takes to buy the good rails. The stock rails are good for more than 500rwhp, which takes about 5 grand to get to (at least), then the rear the trans and rest of the parts, so honestly, what's another $120 on what appears to be a 15k build according to your signature.

    I've never seen even one decent part from professional products, so no point in cheaping out now.
  3. I'm not offended. I'm a firm believer in "you get what you pay for" but I know sometimes there are some good quality products that are not as expensive as the big name brand products. I'm not quite to 15k because I got the block and rotating assembly for a steal of a deal from a good friend of mine that I help out a lot. But I understand what you're saying. Its just that when you start getting towards the end of something like this and you've spent a lot of the big chunks of money on other more major parts in the begining the money isn't as plentiful towards the end. And I wasn't thinking when I sold the stock motor....I let the stock rails go with it.:doh: I sold it as a complete motor minus the front accessories. Anyway, I have an old set of stock rails laying around somewhere but something is telling me that something may be wrong with them.
  4. The stock rails will support somewhere in the 500hp range. You really think you'll make more than that with a N/A 363? If so, you might want to rethink that Holly Systemax too. That'll be your cork before the rails are IMO.
  5. If you aren't using a power adder, just find some more stock rails, they are a dime a dozen.

    Aftermarket fuel rails are a minimal cost compared to fuel line and fittings. At $20-$50 each, they add up fast.
  6. I had planned to use my stock rails but I realized yesterday that when I sold the stock motor I left them on it. I'll check the old stock rails I have(I think something was wrong with them), and if something is infact wrong with them then I'll just get another set of stockers. I don't plan to put nitrous on the car until probably next year.
  7. If the quality of those Professional Products fuel rails are anything like their whistling tea kettle junk throttle bodies and coolant leaking EGR spacers I would say stay away from those!!
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