anyone build motors? i need to beat a honda.

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  1. im looking to build a motor for my 89 mustang. i have a good amount of wrenching skills but not all that much on building high performance motors. could some of you put together a parts list for a motor for me? im going to build a 351w efi hopfully roller motor. i have a couple buddies with hondas that i need to beat. the slowest of them is running low 10s with upper 700s hp the other 2 broke into the high 9s with upper 800s hp. id like to at least keep up with them in the low 10s. all three hondas are street legal also and thats 1/4 mile times. i know yall can help me out here. any suggestions would be appreciated
  2. :bs: Sell your car.
  3. Are you kidding. A honda civic with 700hp only running low 10s? thats embarassing :rlaugh: A car that light with that much power should be in the 9s... Either they suck at driving or their talking ****..

    Anyway, a 351 stroked to 408 (very commonly done) and a 150 shot of sex juice and youll be in the low 10s. with ease.

    If you really wanna piss them off get a 331 stroker (302 based motor) and turbocharge it using one of these or they can take their fried rice elsewhere
  4. Wow, are you serious? You'll need turbo's, thats for sure.
  5. Edelbrock Vic. Jr intake, AFR 205s, FTI custom cam, Holley 850 carb, 2" Kooks headers, 3" exhaust. 408 stroker 11.5 comp forged internals, strong block, 300 shot, Drag springs, Lower control arms, Sticky-ass tires.
  6. mustang comes with 225 stock so put a 500 shot on

  7. LOL 4th of july was last month yo!!
  8. well i have seen dyno sheets and all of them at the track. so they arnt just talkin ****. they are light but not as light as you think, they race in nhra street legal class so they pretty much have a full interior car plus cage and bs like that. i plan on makeing it a 408 stroker but i would like to get to mid- low 10s n/a and with no juice.
  9. Sounds like someone is going trolling for posts. I am going to call BS here as well things dont add up. Are these honda's supposed to be streetable cars and not one pass wonders?

    If you are serious about this, do a search on strokers. Should find lots of info. Not going to build a 700 hp streetable small block without juice or boost or both. Dont know if 700 is your goal or 10's. 10's are easier.
  10. lol N/A low 10s? Your asking for some crazy setup that isnt streetable...

    best way i can think is a 460 BB with 10.5:1 compression on 93 octane and a 6000 RPM cam... Then again that wouldnt be too streetable either. hmmm :nonono:
  11. im not looking for 700 hp. im just looking for mid- low 10s. and it doesnt have to be streetable. i was trying to stay away from a 460 b/c parts are cheaper and easier to find for a 351.
  12. 408 stroker, get it built by like CHP (coast high performance) or Keith Craft and then throw on either a heillion turbo system or a big ass supercharger, that right there is like 10,000$ worth of parts prob, then you have to worry about ur drivetrain (tranny rear end suspension torque boxes etc) so have fun doing all of that, its taking me 4 years and im not even close...and 700hp hondas running 10s?...sounds a bit BS to me
  13. A 700HP Honda? On a Honda motor? Is that even possible?

    If it was, that's probably one hell of an expensive motor. Could probably build two 10 second Mustangs for the price of one 10 second Honda. :lol:
  14. A built 408 will go 10's with no issues, all motor and it can be streetable. You could even do it with a higher reving 347...
  15. Why do I smell BS here. Street legal or even streetable honda's running 9's in the 1/4? Where? I'm not into the import scene, but the only ones I saw was on TV and they were tube frame chassis cars that were shaped like Honda's and I doubt one part was even similar to real Honda. No offence but you just don't sound like your in the hotrodding thing too deep or for very long. Something tells me your buddys are a bunch of ricers feeding you a line of BS.
  16. gotta understand jonny, in order to "go jonny go" you gotta have some power under the hood, now you gotta understand your question isnt exactly the "run of the mill" btw.... i seriously think we'd be hardpressed to find 3 street legal civics in the 10's, maybe in different parts of the nation, but 3 of your friends.... that have 9 second civics, i'm gonna go ahead and pull the :bs:
  17. Yep... I had to put my hip waders on after just the first post. I've seen a couple 9 sec hondas. They're not streetable and the front tires are so fat that all they can manage is about a 10 degree turn.

    To the original poster:
    If your buddies are making all of that out of a honda and driving on the street then you should probably join them.
  18. well im not here to argue about hondas. seems like most of yall are just scared to admit that a honda can beat you car. two are in the high nines, one is in the mid - low tens. and it isnt a buddy feeding me b.s. i have saw two on the dyno and all three at the track. truthfully i dont care if you believe me or not. if i did join them how bad would it suck to have your mustang beat by a former domestic driver turned import? i just asked a question about the best combos for a 351. i didnt ask if you believed me about my buddies. but thanks to those of you who helped.
  19. Times, MPH, engine/suspension setup, dyno numbers? You got any of that? :shrug: