anyone build motors? i need to beat a honda.

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by gojonnygo, Jul 30, 2005.


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  2. :doh: WOW, and the four year olds have spoken. I knew it was only a matter of time. I am now done with this thread, since it has spawned children. Things never chance I suppose. :chair:
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  4. Low 10's? 700 hp? I want dyno proof!! Street legal? These would be pure drag cars with alot of spray. Oh did I mention they are probably $50,000 cars? You'll need a good close to $15k or more....whata joke this is...
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    I was thinking the same thing...I'll use my moped....
  6. I can give you proof with video next season. Hell maybe this season if my tuner gets out to the quarter again. The car has radio and full interior. Ran a 11.7 last year with about 350. Dynod at 480whp couple weeks ago and that was with boost falling off up top (is being addressed).

    Some quick links I found.

    11.2 - del sol (stock internal motor)

    654hp with AC daily driven

    Hell if you want get on honda-tech search either jeff evans (boostedhybrid) or search mase and almost all will be 500+hp cars.

    I would search for more but its not worth my time. those were at the top of the board while I was looking around.

    Oh and I love the excuse that they are "$50,000" cars. Who the **** cares how much it costs? I didnt know money was at issue here? Just sounds like another lame excuse. Adn 50 grand is a little high. Im sure they have spent alot but not that much.
  7. go back on home ricer boy................
  8. personally i dont care if it pulls 1000FWHP in the end....its still a honda :notnice:
  9. Could run 9's and have over 100,000 bucks "invested"... it will still sound like a wet fart to me.
  10. :stupid: , no one gives a rats ass about your 4 popper...go home! :lock:
  11. and take your car back to japan when you leave
  12. Hey, who cares?? Throw me $20k and I'll guarantee I'll smoke your GAY honda...
  13. heres an idea...what would a 50,000$ fox do against a 50,000$ honda....hmm???lol i think we all know the answer to that :)
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    someone say 50k fox :p
  16. sheeiit, $50k fox? thats like...single digit times. give me $5k and ill fuq sum sheeiit up
  17. why do camaro and ricers come here with o posts, sign up, and then start an argument right away on purpose, and 5-10pages follow? maybe they should stay on thier own sites where people care................

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  18. a $50k fox would be impossible. You'd get before 30k and have everything possible. The fact is, you'll spend less and still be faster. Honda's sound like motorcycles. Oh, do you have a cold air intake? They give you at least 75HP. Another fast and furious idiot! Don't forget to double clutch your honda...