anyone build motors? i need to beat a honda.

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  1. My thoughts exactly.
    There is a local racer here who runs a 306cid with a 300 shot and pulls 10.3's.
    A guy I used to work with built a 302 cid twin turbo and ran a 9.6. A twin turbo mustang is a rare sight.

    I'd rather go low rpm for longevitys sake. Especially since its a home built project. That would just suck to grenade your motor on the first outing because of a simple "newbie" mistake.
  2. :rolleyes: Hmmm, everyone with HP numbers in their sig should add in their Dollar to HP ratio So I'll know if their numbers are impressive or not.

    Better yet, Dollar to ET ratio.
  3. Putting $50,000 in a fox is very, very possible.... :eek:
  4. Now THAT'S funny!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. Yup.
  6. ROFl you all are ignorant.

    The topic was about a honda being high horsepower and daily driven. You all said it cant be done and it has. You all then start backpedaling and talking about how much it costs to build a fast car? What a lame ass excuse.

    Also I dont think I started an argument on this board? I beleive I have been the only mature one on this whole thread (excluding the first guy, moderator I believe, that posted after me). Ever since then there have been extremely childish posts.

    You might not like imports but guess the **** what? This thread is not title "do you like imports?". Get your head out of your *******, and use that thing called a brain that God gave you.

    Oh and Boss 351, I wouldnt talk to much ****. My ****ing single cam could donkey pump any of the cars you have listed in your sig. Full interior with stock internals :-\

    I am now offically done with this thread. If you would like to contact me feel free to PM me. Like I said in my first post, if your just going to say some lame ass comment that sounds like my 5 year old cousine would type, just leave it to yourself. Your not showing off, you just wasting bandwidth.

    89white50: You really are an diot. Sorry to say but either 1) You dont have a brain or 2) You didnt read this thread at all. I have not once mentioned my car being 500+hp in this thread, and actually I never even mentioned it at all until this post.
    Reading> YOU :owned:
  7. You could be drivin a Honda! :D
  8. I meant from my wife would kill me...

  9. can anyone say twin turbo 660?... :D ...I wish I was rich :rolleyes:
  10. jet powered fox body stang, if i were really really rich. Id drive it everyday too, kickin in the afterburner at every stop light lol.
  11. yeah have fun tryin 2 slow down before the next light lol...have even more fun trying 2 steer that thing...and if u put a ricer wing on it you could potentially take off :D
  12. :lol: thats funny as hell........:nice:
  13. Well someones talking **** cause theres no way theres a street legal 9 second honda cause to put 700 hp to the ground in a fwd car is almost ridiculous its non realistc to have a 700 horsepower FWD street car :bs:
  14. Civics are lame.

    You never see people turn and point to say "ohh look at that civic"...
  15. hey dbeck your avatar is funny, but kinda sick at the same time.

  16. I'm not referring to any single person, and I'm not trying to be a baby, but this thread is annoying now and I'd like to request that we let it die.

    BTW, Honda's suck. With 4 wheels anyways. :hail2: Wasn't joking about the top part though. Thanks guys. :flag:
  17. but what about all the free posts?

  18. 'Tard.

    My Civic gets better mileage than my BMW.....which gets better mileage than the Lightning.....which gets better mileage than my Mustang (I think). Ricers are good for commuting. Mine is white with dark, dark windows. I'm ashamed to drive it. I would be just as ashamed if it had 1000hp. Sorry- the truth hurts.