anyone catch that new OVERHAULIN!

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  1. it was a 67 mustang that was already set up for drag racing : tubbed rear, 4 link, roll cage, subframes, racing seats, auto with big stall with a built 289 in it!

    car looked pretty nice already but Chip Foose went to town on it!

    he put 22" foose rims with big rubber in the tubbed rear, 20's up front with Mair front suspension, 351 ford racing strocker motor, built c-4 or c-6 but don't know about the stall. foose did the rear shelby lights without the shelby deck lid which looked bad as$, used the front eleanor front lower fiberglass under the stock bumber after he hacked up the front apron to make (foosed) and also the side body panels that he also reworked. and lots of other things...etc.

    painted black with gray racing stripes sat at a level stance!!! :cheers:

    it looks like one of those model cars (DUB or MUSCLE... things) :hail2:

    best overhaulin i have ever seen! :flag:
  2. yeah i thought it was sweet car too. i thought the wheels were way too ig but since the wheel arches had already been stretched for the big MT's he had before it looked pretty darn good. that would definitely be a hit with the pro street guys for sure. damn nice car and wasn't overdone like the gambler car.
  3. i didn't much care for the gambler car
  4. that car was sick and the wheels were,well,works of art.It was one of the nicest or at least what I like to see done to a car.Cant wait to see it at a local show.
  5. I caught the end of it, after watching Tommy Lee goes to college.....

    THe Stang was sweet and I hope the guy enjoys it. I had thought for a while that it would be so cool to have those guys work over my 72 coupe, but then after seeing the Gambler on ebay and what the guy had to say about it after the fact, I don't know. They could deffinately do things that I would never dream of and it would be one of a kind for sure, but would it really reflect me and my ideas of how it should be.

    To me the Wheels were way too big, but other than that, I would love to take it for a spin or two.
  6. Anyone have a pic or link for this on the net yet? I missed the show :(
  7. That was one of their better shows. I was impressed that it wasn't more of an Eleanor clone, especially since Foose was involved.
  8. i tried to find a link but haven't found one yet- i'll keep trying!
  9. One of the best one, but nothing is gonna top the civic :rlaugh: , all kidding aside, I think the wheels were too dang BIG, but very nice car
  10. I saw it last night and was very impressed. I thought those large wheels looked great in the tubbed rearend. It was such a solid car to start with which was a bonus as it let them get to work on things other than rust repair. It was also good to see Charlie Hutton spraying paint.
  11. yeh, the painter from Boyds shop and also the other guy that speaks a little funny with the broken jaw was also in the FOOSE show now!

    ha haaa... boyd must be pissed!
  12. Justa question for all,

    for all of you that say the wheels are too big,how old are you,what do you drive(stock restored or restomod) and where are you from?I guessing theres a pattern here :shrug:
  13. I noticed that, too. Didn't you see the American Hot Rod episode recently where Mike (the CNC guy) got busted by Duane and Boyd for doing programming work for Foose on the sly? I use the same software at work that he uses (MasterCam) and it's about $15,000 and Mike was using Boyd's software and getting paid by Boyd and he was doing wheel designs for Chip! I know Boyd's a jerk, but that's not very ethical at all. Yes, Mike got fired for it. BTW, am I the only one who got a little teary-eyed at last nights' show? I have a brother in a chair and he's a lot better off physically than the Mustang owner and you can't believe how hard their day-to-day life is. Think about even the simplest things we do, like taking a bath or cooking for yourself. Everything is built too high and getting in and out of the tub from a wheelchair is a challenge, to say the least. They usually have to use a catheter to urinate and you don't even want to know what it takes to have a bowel movement. So when I see an obviously nice guy like the one on last night, a man who has obviously had a few physical setbacks win one once in a while, I just feel proud to be a part of the car community, even if I may never meet the owner of the badass '67 or Chip Foose or even Chris Jacobs. Car people are different, and I mean that in a good way! :flag:
  14. Hey Zookeeper,

    Did you get your Mastercam Version X yet? I keep getting emails that it will be released soon and to make sure my SIM is compatable, but its been over a year now.
  15. Are you sure he was doing it at Boyds shop????Foose has been making wheels for about 6 years and im sure he has or access to software at MHT to make motorcycle wheels.I thought Mike said he was doing it on his own time away from Boyds,but if im wrong then he had every reason to get fired.
  16. I don't think our company is going to spring for it anytime soon. The salesman from SierraCam (the NorCal MasterCam distributer) called me the other day and said it would only be $1500 for the upgrade to X. I'd love to get it, but I need to find a way to prove to my employer that it would save us money. The rep from SierraCam said it would be released this month, but like you said, I've heard that before...
  17. No, I'm sure he was at Boyd's. Boyd had Mike's computer's removed and the drawings in question were done on Boyd's time. It's easy to tell, since MasterCam date-codes drawings and files. BTW, could you post some bigger pics of your car? That thing looks plenty neat in your avatar and I'd love to see a better shot!
  18. When I upgraded to Version 9 from Version 7 and paid for my maintenance, they included X as it was supposed to be out within two months. That was in March 2004. I took a week long training session last November at InHouse Solutions (exclusive Canadian Mastercam distrubutor) and they had an early version.
  19. So what did you think? The SierraCam rep said they eliminated 500 steps from 9.1 (which I use) to X, is that true? I'm planning on taking a course at the local college this fall to brush up on some 3D stuff, maybe they'll have X by then. They usually bag new versions right after release, then get the textbooks for it a year or so later!
  20. I believe all Boyd's wheels are made by MHT and I agree that was the best Overhaulin yet and for a seemingly great, appreciative guy.

    Funny thing for me is I am doing most of the things Foose did to this car and my 67 fastback also started as a tubbed, PS drag car. Mine'll be better though because BIG BLOCKS RULE. I've got a D1-X blown 460.

    If anyone gets pics, please post them. I saved the episode on my Tivo, but don't know how to get it to my PC.

    I'd love a picture...

    Here's a pic I grabbed of the XXX 69 fastback though.