anyone catch that new OVERHAULIN!

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  1. The terminals we used were 9.1. The instructor had the only X. From the breif tour through it and literature I've seen it looks more user friendly. I have to say my favorite function in my current version is Verify. I've saved a lot of time and tools with that button!
  2. well i stand corrected,well,he needed to move on,Foose is on a sppeding train right now to the top and Bord,IMO,is goign backwards.

    old engine
  3. That is one great-looking car! I love your color choice and stance! You have tri-y headers, right? I was going to use reproduction hi-po manifolds due to my car being low, but if you're getting away with tri-y's I should be able to, also. I have one coil cut out and a 3/4 A-arm drop, with 225/50-15's on the front, so it's pretty low. Nice car, very, very nice.
  4. heres a link to the car...

    pretty sick looking. While im usually the last to condone a bigger wheel option, the rear is a bit extreme, but since it was possible due to the tubs i see why he went all out
  5. I didn't care for the Gambler either, wheels too big and funky color (baby chit green) ruined it for me. I haven't seen the '67 yet, but I am not big on show car stuff that just wont see an opentrack event or the local parking lots on Saturday. Call me old fashioned but I like my classics to be street driven regularly.

    I'm about to turn 41 and I'm in Texas for whatever demographic thing you're doing.
  6. Pics

    here are some

  7. I'm 33, from central PA and I still have the stock 14" magnum 500s on my 72, which I think are a bit small. I just like the stock look but think 14" is small, I want to go to 16 or 17 inch wheels at some point. 22s wrapped with ruberbands just is too blingy in my opinion. BUt that it what is great about this hobby, everyone can build their car to suit their tastes.
  8. You know, I thought I had seen that car somewhere before. Then it dawned on me that it was sitting on my desk.

    The paint scheme and cobra badging became painfully familiar watching the show.

    I guess that's what I get! I copied them, they copy me! Payback :)

    He is Chip Foose by all means, but I am an acquaintance, and he does know my cars!

    PS The Gambler just sold for 130k!!! It left my showroom on Monday.

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  9. I don't like the rear tires. And I live in So Cal, and just turned 25. But I don't like huge rims at all. My car is far from stock, but not pretty. Just don't like 'em. 20's fit on some cars, with larger wheel wells. But I think that wheels wells should be filled with rubber, not rim.
  10. I think big wheels make older cars look out of proportion. A freind has 18's on his '05 Mustang and they look great, but personally I've yet to see anything larger than 17's on a classic look right. Just my opinion and not meant to offend anyone, but then again I thought that '67 on the show looked waaaaaay cool. :nice:
  11. I liked the idea they had for using the Eleanor lower nose piece and side skirts. I may have these on their way to me Monday. I need to stare at my front end some more and decide. I'm pretty sure the car Foose started with had it's wheel wells cut out to clear the big Mickeys so he probably had to go large on the wheels. I dug it. My desktop Stang is identical but has Torque Thrust II's and it's stripe is off center.
  12. You know what they say about opinions...but in mine...that car is a flaming fugly POS...hard to beleive someone destroyed a 67 to make that pile.

    Looking closely it is the wheels that look like they are from a Ratfink cartoon or something. The hood scoop is terrible but the wheels are a complete joke. They are even too big for the bling-bling-yo-ghetto-blasting-Escalade.

    In my opinion 17s are the limit for a 67-73, 16s for a 65-66. The 05s can do okay with 20s, but not a classic, the mere thought of 24s on a 67 deserve the automotive death penalty. Unless you just want to look like a joke that is :rolleyes:
  13. Its not a demographic,its just the way cars are being built and the the way the trends are now,and it seems other areas dont follow or dont like the newer styles.Using 14,15,16 or even 17" wheels is outdated,yes I have them too.Some people like it but,some dont,the ones that dont get all bent and knock it.I have been to many shows where some a-hole walks up to my car and says "I would have changed this or thats not the right *****",I ask them what do you drive?Oh I dont have one, but I used to,or I drive a Honda".
  14. personally i think the boss style scoop was a better choice than putting on one of the stupid eleanor bubble hoods. maybe if they had gone with one of the original eleanor bubble hoods that chip originally designed, the one with smaller bulge, it would have been cool. i think chip was in a position that he couldn't have used them anyway due to his deal with unique performance. overall i thought the car was very cool and wheels can always be changed
  15. Oh man, you just hit a nerve with me. I like lots of different cars and bikes, and I accept the fact that some people probably wouldn't do things just the way I'm doing them on whatever it is I'm working on at the time. A few years ago, at a local show, a young girl of about 18 or so brought her boyfriend over to look at my wife's '69 427 Corvette. It's not perfect, but it's been together for nearly 20 years and I think it looks outstanding considering the fact it used to get driven fairly regularly. The boyfreind starts telling her how ugly the car is and how he wouldn't be seen in it. The bad part is, my wife was sitting near the car with our son and heard every word. When he realized what who owned the car, he tried to back out by saying, "nothing personal, I just like Mustangs". I told him I was sorry to hear that, because I liked Mustangs also and I hated to think that I had anything in common with a jerk like him. I know full well there are people out there who don't like my car, or my wife's and I'm OK with that, but jeez can't people keep their mouth shut about it?
  16. The problem with all the opinions is not in having them or expressing them, it is with making them personal. I mean, I dislike most of the stuff I see on TV (Monster Garage, Overhauling, etc.), but they shouldn't care about that a bit (and I'm 100% sure they don't). I'm sure they think my retro-centric restomod is pathetic, and I don't care one bit either. I built it the way I want, not to please anyone but me.
  17. Those wheels on that thing are obsurd. They look alright, but should have been smaller. Maybe if he had put larger rotors for the disc brakes it might not look as bad. I think if teh rotors were larger the rims wouldnt look AS big.
  18. Boy, I couldn't agree with this more. That car looks absolutely cartoonish, and 15 years from now that style will have its place with custom shag carpeted vans and pink neon wiper blades. Blech!!!
  19. I think big wheels are here for a while and agree that the rear 22's on that car were big. Don't forget it was a tubbed car to begin with and the rear wheel openings had been cut larger. Maybe he felt he had to go that large. I had a Boss scoop on my 67 and it was a bit wide and out of proportion for my tastes. Most ugly on Chip's new car was the rear end. It looks like a very early Torino (maybe 68?) to me the way they tucked the rear valance up. I think the car is great, though I wouldn't (won't) do several of the things he did to my car. I'm from the shag carpet, glass pack, 8 track generation. It was a blast back then and it was all easily removed as tastes changed.