Anyone change oil pressure sending unit???

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  1. 1990 2.3 coupe: Well appears my oil pressure sending unit is leaking. I'm new to the 2.3 forum but long time guy. I'm pretty sure it's the sending unit if it's mounted on the rear of engine up high on the block. Just looks a little different than I'm use to seeing. What is the procedure for getting the old one off? What size wrench?? Looks pretty dang hard to get at. Any help is most appricated. Local parts store said the replacement is a whole $10. Guess I can afford that. Dang thing is leaking softball size puddles now when i turn car off.
  2. Those things are a pain in the ass to get at with everything installed on the engine, just due to their location. I have no idea what wrench or anything else, but that is definitely a cussin' job.

    Is it leaking from the sender body? Seems odd, I don't know if I've ever heard of an oil pressure sending unit leaking.
  3. I had one that leaked too, I swapped motors instead of fixing it. I know they are easy to get off when the motor is on a stand. It might be easier to take the upper intake off when changing one In car..

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    ---I wouldn't think it would be any harder than any other engine, as they normally are placed in the same position on most US-made RWD vehicles... unless you consider Genetic Misconception, which we aren't discussing... thank God.

    ---Looks to me like the usual 7/8" hexed sensor. I know I was disconnecting both to see which one did what, while my Step-Son was watching the gauges, so they're not that* hard to get to. They also wouldn't be that* hard to get to unless you feel the need to have your hand right up against the block. I myself would go in with an extension, the correct size deepwell socket and 3/8 ratchet. I also would fit the socket with a nut, as a spacer, to save the terminal from any damage it might incur while it is against the drive end of the extension... JIC you find contacts.

    ---Yes, they can leak from the body. While on my Scout II, I have an unused sensor which broke off completely, exposing the slider/piston/plunger. It's been like that since I bought the truck 15 years ago and hasn't leaked yet. Guess it just depends on how it became damaged.

    ---Furthermore, I would try pulling it out all the way and inspecting it before you try and tighten it down to solve the leak. Chances are, if it is broken on the threaded portion, you'll snap it off and need an easy out or internal pipe wrench to remove it. That* would be a PITA w/engine completely assembled & in-car.
  5. Hey all!

    Just wondering how you made out changing this thing... My 2.3L '90 LX convertible just started leaking from the same place. I just bought a new sending unit, but the one in the car looks buried / hard to get at. Would it be easier getting at it from under the car?? Thanks!
  6. I just changed the one on my car. Its not that hard if you are willing to remove the upper intake. There is plenty of room if you just remove it. I had to remove it to change out the FPR. So i put a new one on, and without the upper intake its easy.

  7. I just swapped mine out. Just for future reference, (in case someone Googles this 5 years from now lol) it took about 20 minutes total. The only wierd thing was that I needed a HUGE socket to do mine: 1&1/16. I also had to use a ratchet with a moveable handle, it made just enough room between the intake and a vacuum line tree to move it a few clicks at a time. Thanks to all for their help and advice!