Anyone else build scale model cars?

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  1. Nah, I don't like the diecast kits, I fail to see the challenge in building them. Most of them snap together and it doesn't seem to me like any of them have all that much detail.
  2. Ya, reminds you of those F&F type cars you get at AutoZone. Its got two sets of wheels and different motors. All you do is pop it together the way you want and stick some stickers all over it :rolleyes: I could almost see it if someone actualy striped the paint off and did some custom diecast metal work and repainted it radically different than the kit was to begin with.
  3. I used to build nascar models all the time, but after h.s. i had to get rid of them all cause i didnt have any room for them
    i just started to build mustangs...
    the first one was sposed to be a lowrider mustang, but i couldnt bring myself to build it like the box
    <a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>
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    this one is a 98 saleen speedster
    <a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>

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    <a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>
    i just realized i never finished putting on the decals LOL

  4. I'm glad you did'nt. Models look good.
  5. ?Ghetto Lowriderz don't look good IMHO you did a better job with your own ideas for it.
  6. [​IMG]

    Here goes nothin'!
    Hopefully an image will post.

    If it does, it is my "Blue Racer" model that is 90% complete, and is also my avatar image. It is an early '60s T-altered, built on a budget, no supercharger. The tunnel ram intake is scratchbuilt, and the model is a kitbash, based on the "Outcast" AMT/Ertl kit.

    Just previewed it and it's up!

    Now that my webspace is up(thanks to my brother!), I can put up some pics.
  7. [​IMG]

    Here she is under constuction.

    The "attitude" shot.


    All the other guy ever sees. How do you like the view!
    (Gonna put on an old style wheelie-bar to protect that battery!)

    I'll post some others later.
  8. they've got them at walmart.... just got a 88 GT HB
  9. Seen there today and I cant find any of them at my local wally world
  10. Kiddiccarus, the kit you want is the AMT/Ertl '88 Mustang Hatchback Millennium Edition kit, evidently it was re-issued in 2002 due to demand and I think it may be out of production again. I did'nt find any on eBay, and it does'nt seem that Ertl and its companies have a website.
    Hope that helps.
  11. this is the one i picked up today, i love it, it reminds me of the interceptor in Mad Max..cept no blower...
    <a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>
    <a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>
    <a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>
  12. Nice model, I like how you cut open the hood to make room for the carb stacks. The butcher is going to be able to retire now considering the size of the meats you got out back on that thing!

    Keep the photos coming everyone, I love looking at yall's projects!
  13. ive got that same model 88 gt im trying to make it look like my lx. ive detaled the dash to look just like mine red/black. I was thinking the otherday about getting the turbo cobra and put its motor in the 88 gt or i do do have a 70 boss 429 i could put that motor in it. That convertable gt lowrider what rims come with it? when i get a sec ill take some pics of mine.
  14. Here are some pics of my current project:

    I got my inspiration from a car for sale on eBay, a real old school ratrod kustom.
    I'm going to make mine look as ratty as this one.
    This is the kit I started with, it's excellent-good casting in white plastic, all parts bagged, no scratches on the clear parts! [​IMG]
    This is the rear view, I chopped the top, then filled in the original window, then cut a new one out. You can see I have lots of filling, sanding and priming to do to get it completely smooth! [​IMG]
    Here is the front view. I carefully cut out the trunk and doors so I could do suicides and have the trunk open. I am thinking of having the trunk open as shown in the mock-up(?). I got the idea for the flipped hood form the internet. If you look closely you can see the seam where I chopped the top on the windshield pillar, so fragile, I already broke one seam once and had to re-glue!
    Now, what engine?
  15. it came with the turbines, and some i think hundred spokes with the flipper center cap lol
  16. Yeah, chopping tops is rough. I chopped the tops on my '34 Ford pickup and '32 Ford street rod (which are nowhere near being done) and I had to do a lot of filling, sanding, filling again, sanding again....ugh.

    freakintiger, how you planning on setting up that flipped hood? On my Chevy pickup I just cut the stock kit hinges off the back of the hood and glued them on the front, and I had a panel up near the front with slots in it for the hinges. The hood works so great you can barely tell I fabbed it all up, plus you can still take the hood off if you want. Not sure if you'll be able to do that with yours though since the front of the hood has a much more rounded shape.
  17. ok i was worried that the low rider came with only those ugly spoke rims. does it sit at that hight normaly or did u do something? Is there any models that had the 16in pony rims for a model that i could get to put on it i think i might pick that one up 2night or get the stuff to paint my 88 gt. also does any one know if you can buy perl white model paint somewere? thats what i want for the convertable.
  18. Here's another one of my projects that may never make it out of the project phase...who knows.

    Body & frame started out as the body & frame from Monogram's Quadzilla monster truck. I cut all the crap off the frame and bult a narrowed rear section out of rectangular styrene. Got some tubs in the bed and it's pretty much done, but this thing still has a ton of work left and I'm not even sure if I still have all the parts to it, so it may never get finished.

    BTW- I made custom headers for this truck out of solder. Any of you guys ever do that? Solder makes some really nice headers, especially for custom models where you don't have anything else that will fit.

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