Anyone else build scale model cars?

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  1. i dont think it is a chevy motor the picture on the box is a red ford with the blower out the hood im not a 100% sure on the year but im pretty sure its a 52 when i get home ill look i found the model in my closet i didnt even know i had it i was looking for a shelby gt i have somewere i i think the body is messed up so i was going to use that motor.
    so far on the gt i think ive done a pretty good job if i get a sec ill take some pics and post them (how do u post pics so they show up i cant remember)
  2. that is cool. Especially the Rusted truck.
    I cant put myself to do a perfectly good model like that. Not even a tank.
    I have a Semi and a tank that I still have to finish.
    I think the best two I have done were a European Escort and a Chevy Nova to look like a AMC Hornet. unfortunately I have no pictures of any of em, just the Escort.

    However I feel much behind some of you when I see how much detail has been put into yours.

    I have a colection of unbuilt and built ones. Not much space on the desktop to be building them lately though.
  3. Sorry, yeah it is red, I was thinking of a different model I guess.

    I have that model, and it does have a big block chevy in it. Also the truck is a 53. I liked that kit, it's actually pretty nice (even for being an AMT kit), it has that nice smooth box frame and the one-piece flip front end. I screwed up the paint on mine so it went to the spare parts box.
  4. just finished a 2.3 Turbo Mustang Cobra, i'd post pics, but it didnt come out that well.... funny how the easier a model is, the easier it is to mess it up LOL
  5. how do you know that its a chevy motor?srry to sound dumbe but i looked at the thing and i cant tell what it is and all the box said is v8 and to me it dont look like a big block but i could be wrong. i was diging around 2night and i found 2more models i forgot i had a chevell and a 67 fastback stang the woman that gave them to me started the 67 and glued the motor and everything else together but the interior and the stuff to the out side and she never painted it i dont think that i could paint it since its half way put together why couldent she have messed up the chevy is there something i can put on it to get the glue off? if not it will become parts the good thing about that is that there is a set of vaulve covers that say cobra on them i might eather put them on the 5.0 gt stock motor if they fit or i could put them on the motor on the 53 flip nose with the blower what yall think?
  6. How do I know it's a chevy engine? Well, I looked at my old box tonight...granted, it doesn't say exactly what it is, but those sure look like BBC valve covers to me. Look at a picture of a real BBC and you'll see what I mean.

    Also, I have yet to find anything that will remove paint or glue from plastic without softening, warping or crazing the plastic. Supposedly, oven cleaner can be used to remove paint, but I've never tried it.
  7. Easy off oven cleaner is supposedly the deal, but I can't remember if it's the yellow or blue can(?).
    Cement actually chemically "welds" the plastic together. You have to use a knife to carefully cut the pieces apart.
  8. well i think ill just put the 67 in the parts box. im thinking i might use the motor out of the 53 flipnose anyway and use the vaulve covers off the 67 since the have cobra on them. i think the vaulve covers that are on the 53 do say bbc but i can say for sure so if i do use that motor ill put cobra valve covers on it and pass it off as ford it will be my little secret lol i think that it would look good to see a fox with a blower also with the kit is some side port pipes i might put those on too.
  9. Well, if you wanna pass it off as a ford engine make sure you put the distributor in front!
  10. LOL, yeah! :nice:
  11. 2 88 LX stang models on the way from e-bay thanks for the links.
  12. here is mine, the only one I got a pic of.


  13. ok, that sucked. I will have to redo the pictures when I got a chance. time for my bed though.
  14. sweet models guys i like building mopars thou like gtx's roadrunners and cudas but yes being a ford person i have built up the models such as an 88gt,93 cobra, 99cobra and yes the dredded lowrider mustang that im converting to be a normal mustang :D when i get my brother over to take some pics ill post them

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    "i wont post pics though cause it didnt turn out very good"
    LoL i lied. :D
  16. looks good to me how do you post pics so that they come up and are not attachments? also good choice cartoons thats a great show
  17. i collect the 1/18 scale diecast models that are pre assembled... i used to build the plastics ones, but now i don't have the time anymore. what i still wanna get is one of those visible v8 engines that you have to build
  18. I have a 5.0 version of that that I bought from ebay awhile back (built).

    looks realll good.
    what kit is that one?
  19. this sucks today i was trying to paint the 88gt and it looked good then the paint started bubbling up. i got some paint thiner and cleaned the paint off and there seems to be no damage to the body so i guess ill clean it up and try again. i think that the paint was old ive had it for over a year its the testor candy apple red transparent spray can.