Anyone else feel that the word "tune" is overused in regard to the 5.0?

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  1. Seems i read so many posts that say "untuned" in the tech section or in signatures. Since the advent of the 4.6 and especially the 03/04 cobra people throw the word tune around quite a bit. Not sure if they realize that the stock 5.0 computer system isn't all that restrictive, especially NA. Computers are far more restrictive on the newer cars, thus they need a dyno, as for we don't.
    Also, the cars with the most rwhp aren't always the fastest nor the safest.

    Tuning a 5.0 EFI car really just consists of setting the Fuel pressure and timing. Which should be done anyway after any real mods.
    The only way you get an abnormally high addition of hp from doing that is if you screwed it up to begin with.

    And by driving the car around "un-tuned" with a power adder, you are really risking a blown head gasket. So admitting that isn't all that smart.

    Not trying to bust people's balls, just realize, set you FP and timing and be done with it.
  2. I see where you're coming from, but it gets a little more involved than that if someone is using a piggy back system or a stand alone computer such as a DFI. With my PMS, I had to take a lot of time getting the a/f curve right across the powerband so that the car would make good power but still be safe at the same time.
  3. I picked up 23 rwhp N/A with a SCT "tune"
  4. I think thats just people way of saying that they've still got some more left in the motor so things will only get beter :shrug:
  5. I can see that point of view, but some of these guys are guys that have been to the track, and they quote their time as "untuned". As if a pound of FP is going to net them way more time.
  6. No but I think the word "rice" is extremely overused and quite possibly the dumbest car term invented
  7. Lots of terms and phrases are overused on the 'net. You can't outnumber ignorance :p
  8. "tuning" didn't come to light until people started trying to get a ton of HP out of the 4 cylinder cars. The only time I would need a "tune" is to check my A/F ratio in the upper RPM band.

    But, I do agree with you
  9. I agree for the most part that it is overused...
  10. I agree that its over used.
    I am going to have my dyno done soon and i will have the before and after pulls. we will be burning my sct chip and installing it. I mainly want the chip to remove the rev limiter and adjust maf characterristics and whatever else my dyno guy thinks i need.
    Its caalled Dyno Tuning Because your jacking with it on the dyno. LOL
  11. After spending a few hundred bucks on renting dyno time, I'm going to crow about my "tune" all over the net! LOL j/k

    Agreed, I'm not certain why "untuned" is used as an asterisk in so many cases. To me, I take it as:

    Here's my car/mods/times "excuses attached" But that's just my opinon.
  12. It is overused in the pushrod world, my 96 on the other hand drove like crap with the new motor setup until I had it "tuned" with the SCT Xcal2.
  13. I've never even noticed anyone say that. I do hear lots of people say "car needs to get tuned" and they added no real parts to it. :shrug:

    Alan, how's uh, y'know.. ;)
  14. lol I agree. If it's an n/a 5.0 there really isn't a whole lot to it in terms of "tuning".
  15. I think it depends. I have driven the car "tuned" and "untuned" and saw a couple tenths but thats about it. Tuning a car should take place at the track not the dyno (the dyno is a good start), as dyno numbers mean nothing in the real world.
  16. I think it depends on what has been done to motor for it to be a term taken seriously or not. If someone has just installed a K&N and a few "HP" stickers, then this term would be absurd. Now, if someone has added a 347 or a stroked 351w, with full porting, a huge fuel system, etc., then it is a realistic term.

    Last summer, I added a cam and 30# injectors, and the car ran like crap, (too much fuel obviously). While I realize this is not the most Earth shattering combo, I think I needed a "tune", but just to get it to idle properly.

    So I really think it depends on the combo.
  17. The track has so many more variables and keeps consistency less...

    Also tune is not just what it can run or the horsepower number it can acheive. Also reflects it's driving characteristics...

    Dyno tunes or those going for one aren't after just a peak number...atleast I hope not...they want a good overall curve and check a/f ratio...etc...

    Yes, in the pushrod world, it is overdone I believe...
  18. Unfortunately here on the stangnet and other internet sites, it seems to be more about peak numbers, and bragging rights. I know guys that have run without the belt, or ran the car rich just for one run to get that big peak number. It's also a stunt i've seen go wrong.

    Dynos and track numbers can both be inconsistant.
    But the true proof is in the timeslip. Because if the dyno says you make more power, but the car goes slower, did it really work?
    Not to say that the dyno isn't useful because it absolutely is, just not as much on our cars.
  19. If your goal was to have an 800HP car rather than a 10-second car, then yes.
  20. Of course the track shows more variables, but it also helps indicate real world changes. A dyno can show what the power and torque does but at a track, if you use one day to "tune" the car, you can see what helps and what hurts. You have to be consistent but a good driver can run his number time and time again or close enough to see what changed FP and timing has done.

    Now some people arent track people, some people are street people. For me if these people dyno a car and get numbers for it, thats awesome, but if they lose to a car with MUCH less hp because that car has maximized his cars potential, then what good is having a ton of power. Some people like the bragging rights of having 374657458 hp, whereas others would rather list a timeslip. Then still others have nothing and just enjoy their cars.

    Noones wrong, but when you narrow it down, dyno people wont care about track numbers, track people wont care about dyno numbers, and people with neither wont care about anything but how the car feels to them.