Anyone else find the current Cobra's seats to be very uncomfortable?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Reimann, Aug 28, 2004.

  1. Since I had never driven a Cobra before I decided to take this Maroon '03 out for a spin. I loved 90% of it but I couldn't wait to get out of it because the driver's seat was killing my back! I am 6'4 so I am not a small person and I realize that these are sports seats but come on! I felt like a vice was crushing my internal organs and compressing my spine. 4 hours later my back is still hurting from it. The Mach 1 seats felt snug but after 5 minutes in it I felt very comfortable. I've also been in other sports seats, like in an STi, and didn't experience this in them. If I ever got a Cobra I think my first mod would be to put in a set of Recaros.
  2. hmmm i sat in an 04 on thursday and thought it was great :shrug:
  3. This subject has been covered many times here before, but yes I find them extremely uncomfortable. The seats in the new 03 I drove are why we elected to keep our 50,000 mile 96. Hopefully the seats in the 07(?) will be more friendly to people that are more realistically proportioned. If not, I'll cancel my order.
  4. I did a search and didn't see a thread with this subject in it's title so I thought I would post it. I can't believe Ford would put something so uncomfortable in such a high end car. WTF were they thinking? I greatly prefer my cloth seats to those things.
  5. Driver seat in my car sucks, it's not a cobra tho...
  6. Ive heard the newer ones are little better but my 99 seats look ok, emphasis on look. Once you sit in it its apparent the seats are complete [email protected]#$ as far as comfort. Im not kidding the head rest only got put on the seat cause it would look weird without it. My head has never been closer than a foot from it while actually sitting in the car.
  7. WTF? :scratch:

    Cobra seats are my second favorite seats. #1 being the seats in Saleen's.

    I find my seats to be very comfortable, even for long periods of time.
  8. You didn't get an 03 Cobra because of the seats? You won't get an 07 Cobra if the seats don't meet your expectations? IMO, that is a pretty ridiculous reason (if that is the only one). If they bother you that much, switch them out! We aren't driving Bimmers here, guy.

    The current Cobra costs 30K+ and the 07 will be more than likely than that. If you are going to spend that kind of cash on a car with this performance ability, I don't think going to the aftermarket and get some Recaros/Sparcos that you like is out of the question.
  9. I am only 5' 8", so that may be the reason, but the seats in my 04 are the most comfortable Mustang seat I have ever sat in. I have owned 5 Mustangs over the years and the 02 GT was the worst sitting seats, and impossible for me to get comfortable in. The headrests being adjustable in the Cobra is wonderful for my neck on long trips. Almost as good as the Lincoln. I have heard taller folks have had problems with the Cobra seats though.
  10. well, for those 03+ owners that dont like their seats, ill trade you for my 01 cobra seats. some say they are more comfortable. they dont have as aggressive bolstering. mail at [email protected] :D
  11. I think you mean redfire Cobra since there are no maroon Cobra's. I agree with you though, my Cobra seats are uncomfortable. I'm 6', 225lbs, so maybe my somewhat wide body doesn't help.
  12. The whole thing is ford had to make the seats to fit a wide range of people. Trying to make a seat that fits someone from five to all the way up past six foot tall is not that easy, then you have different body types also. I'm 6' 1" but I am a rather skinny guy. I like the 03+ seats they are very comfortable to me because I like a seat with a lot of bolster. I would put them in my 96 if it wasn't for the $2k price tag on them.
  13. How tall are you? Pvteye also said he liked them but is 5'8. I've sat in Saleen seats before (never driven one) and those were very comfortable.

    No, I mean it was Maroon. Check the dealer's page about that car. Click Here There's no picture but where it says "Exterior Color" it says "MAROON". (I think Ford's offical name for this color is "Redfire" but whatever Ford wants to call it the color is still Maroon, just like how "Screaming Yellow" is still just yellow.)

    This isn't it but it is the same color. The one I drove was a coupe, not a convertible.
  14. Then the dealer is wrong on the official color. There is no maroon, it's redfire metallic. Yeah, I'm touchy about it because I hate maroon. That's my main complaint since with less light, the car looks...........maroon :notnice:
  15. Like I said before, it doesn't matter what you call it, it is still maroon. A rose by any other name...
  16. ........or I could be accurate and call it redfire metallic, its actual color.
  17. Is it the color you hate or the name because it is only the name that is changing. Geez, this thread was suppose to be about the seats, not squabbling over what to call it's color.
  18. its maroon dammit

    Lol, this sounds like an arguement a man would have with his wife:

    Him: honey, why are you painting the walls pink?

    Her: I am not dear, they are eggshell rose parchment (various women lingo, I dont understand) dont you like it?

    Him: Uhhh honey, whatever, it looks like pink to me...

  19. Yeah, it kinda does :D Fire red, Maroon... doesn't matter, it's seats sucked!
  20. I am 6' but a thin 155 lbs. Obviously larger body types may find it difficult to sit in them comfortably.

    The Recaro's Saleen use's (or atleast did at one time) are very pricey. They may have come down in price over the years, but last time I checked they were alot. Then again, Cobra seats aren't exactly cheap either. But I've seen people sell theirs for about $1,200 for the fronts. Saleen now sells the new SA-20 seats. They use the stock Ford seat frame but like the FR500's, add new bolsters/padding and leather. That is also another seat you may want to look into if you are in the market for new seats....the FR500's. Last time I checked (about 2 years ago) they were about $1,200 for the front two and only about another $400 for the rear seats. I sat in them before, they wrap around your body. Nice, but not something I would want all of the time so I personally wouldn't get them.