Anyone else find the current Cobra's seats to be very uncomfortable?

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by Reimann, Aug 28, 2004.

  1. SA 20 Saleen seats...........


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  2. Those seats are goregous! The Saleen seats I've sat in where in 2003 S281s (non-supercharged). I like FR500 seats (as well as wheels) but they are really busy. I'd only be interested in changing seats if I decided to get a Cobra, which at the moment I am not planning on doing (a Mach 1 is possible though).
  3. You were probably sitting in the Recaro's then. Some Saleen's actually have GT seats. :notnice:

    And, it obviously may be different with you, but I no longer like the Mach 1 seats. I sat in them before I had my Cobra and I loved the seats alot....except for the looks. But I guess since I got used to my Cobra seats, I now no longer find the Mach seats comfortable. Me and a buddy swapped cars for a few minutes and I could not stand his seats in the Mach. They felt so flat and un-supportive.
  4. Those SA20 seats are hot!
  5. F U C K everyone has to whine about something I guess....take the car for what it's worth bro
  6. WTF?
  7. Geez dude, take some medication would ya? This is a discussion forum, we are just discussing seats. What's the big deal? Anyway, which do you think is worse; the one that whines or the one who whines about the one who is whining? :D
  8. Your opinion is duly noted. However, if I'm going to spend $33,000 for an 03 (at the time they were introduced) or $50,000 or whatever they're going to charge for the 07, I'm going to get what I want and I'm not going to spend another $3,000 to put Recaro seats in it. I'm not in pursuit of absolute power, I want a car that runs good, looks good and feels good. Our 96 only has 50k on it, looks badass and is extremely comfortable. We didn't need a new car. Bad seats are not something that I'm going to put up with in a $10,000 car, much less a $30-50,000 car.

    And where the hell did the BMW comment come from?
  9. I actually found them pretty comfy..but i was disappointed with the leather...poor quality..not worth the 2K price tag IMHO
  10. Did you try adjusting the seat? It is a 6 way adjustable. I'm 6'2" 200 lbs and my seat fits me great. I have mine adjusted all the way out on everything.

  11. go buy a bmw then....
  12. There is a lot of adjustment in those seats. Is it possible that the person who drove it before you had adjusted the seat to his liking, and it did not fit your body? You did not say if you had tried to adjust it or not. I find the seats pretty damn comfy. I had a 2000 GT, we all know haw nice those seats are. :rolleyes: ............ :bang:
  13. cobra seats are just fine for me....I'm 6' 3"
  14. Is there a way to adjust the sides of the seats because that is what was causing me problems. I was able to get plenty of head and leg room in it. It's sides where just too narrow. I'm not the skinnest guy on the planet but I am no where near fat either.
  15. Yes, they move in and out.

    I can make mine wrap around me or very loose if I want.
  16. I love mine, it was one of the major reasons I traded in my GT (at least the reasons I told my wife).
  17. yup, theres a little button down there and when its depressed the side bolsters move outward
  18. hmmm i find the seats to be very very comfortible.

    now grant it i drive a 2001 z24, but my fiances dad's 03 cobra seats are quite comfortable, and i have driven it long stretches, 4 + hours
    i'm 6 foot tall, and fatter than i should be.
    but i find no issues with them
  19. Hey Manic,
    I can't help but agree with you. I'm 6' 205lbs, and I just sold my 2000 vert with leather interior, the seats were unbelievably comfortable. It's taking everything I have to get used to my new 04 cobra seats as well, they're just not as comfortable as the standard leather seats, a little too tight if you ask me, and I've been adjusting the damn things since day 1. I think I have it finally right now...figures since tomorrow it's going in to the dealer for some minor fixes- looks like I'll be messing with it again. Good luck finding the right fit-

  20. I'm about 6' 2" and I love the new Cobra seats...they keep you in so that your body doesn't move around in all those races you'll be killing everyone in :nice: