Anyone else having problems with lower ball joint wear ?

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  1. Hey guys! This is my first post to any forum, but felt the need to become a member today to voice my concern with this issue, and because I've found everyones posts here at Stangnet extremely helpful. Thank you all for your dedication to sharing your experience with the wonderful world of Mustang ownership!

    I picked up a sweet torch red '07 GT from a local Dodge dealer back in March of 2010. The car came with Roush springs and Foose 20's, and only had 20K on it when I picked it up as the second owner. I soon noticed that the car was making some noise from the front end...the same noise that we're al.l talking about here. The car was still under the factory warranty, so I brought it in to LAKE ELSINORE FORD in CA to have them take a look at it. They fed me the typical dealer BS line that they "couldn't duplicate the problem", of course, and that no suspension work would be covered due to the fact that the car had a modified suspension.

    Fast forward to last month...I came home from a deployment, and in the meantime, my car passed the 36 month mark for time in service, and thus went out of warranty. I did some research, because the noise was driving me ape$hit, and found the TSB for the strut mounts. I took it back to the dealer, and waived the TSB in their face, only to have them tell me that they wouldn't do the repair because the car was out of warranty, and that I'd have to pay out of pocket, and oh bye the way, my ball-joints were bad 30K!!!! I flipped a wig and tore out of there like a bat out of hell. After doing some more research, my wife discovered the Magnuson Moss act of 1975, and SHE went to the dealer to blast the service manager and the owner of the dealer for not identifying the TSB back in 2010 when the vehicle was under warranty. The bottom line is that they were required by the Magnuson Moss act to prove that the lowering springs were the cause of the noise, or faulty strut mounts, so they had a regional service guy come out to inspect the car. we got a call an hour later stating that the dealer would cover the repair of the strut mounts, which they did. The strut mounts didn't fix the squeak noises though.

    NOW, I'm reading that there's a TSB for the ball joints that they told me were bad, and that the TSB states that the LCA bushing is the cause of the noise! I'm so furious right now because they should have rogered up to do the LCAs when they told me about the bad ball joints! WTF is wrong with these people!!??? How hard is it to look that stuff up when a customer comes in with a problem? I cannot believe how horrible these dealers are with customer service. And to top it all off, Ford will only pay for TSB repairs for "loyal" customers! Why the F&%k would I be a loyal customer when your service departments are full of morons. I was a mech for 10 years before joining the Marine Corps, and can't imagine how these guys get away with screwing their customers the way they do. I can honestly say that I'll never, EVER buy another Ford again. I have owned nothing but Ford for the past 10 years, and am so disappointed in their inability to support their customers. Don't even let me get started on the problems with my wife's 2006 Expedition!

    Sorry for the rant guys, but I wanted to show how F'ed up this whole LCA, strut mount issue is.
  2. Never heard of this this issue until now. Only had my 06 since Oct. of last
    year. Got 45k on mine and all is perfect. But yeah ball joints should
    easily go 100k at least on normal driving.
  3. The ball joints on my 09 were junk at 30-35k. Dealer replaced LCA on one side under warranty ($100 deductible), and refused to do the other, saying "it was within spec". I had already bought GT500 LCA's, so I ended up just replacing the other side myself.
  4. I just joined this forum after googling my problem and finding you. I just bought an '09 Convertible in Wisconsin to import into Canada. During the Safety Certification needed here to register the car in Ontario I was told both lower ball joints must be replaced. That means the entire Lower Control Arms must be replaced, according to Ford. The car has 24,000 miles on it! Great looking car but I'm starting to wonder about Ford Quality. (Just saw a 1 hour infomercial on how proud Ford is about building cars people want to own!) Looks like the ball joints are a hidden problem with an ugly outcome. I'm going to the Ford dealer tomorrow to see if there's any hope for me through the warranty. Don't know if I'm covered, having imported the car to Canada, but it is still inside the warranty period. I'll keep you posted.
  5. Problem Solved

    I took my 09 Mustang Convertible, with worn ball joints at 24,000 miles, to my local Ford dealer, Polito Ford of Lindsay, Ontario. They were excellent in dealing with my problem. There are 2 months left on the warranty. Even though I didn't buy the car there, and it is an imported car, they repaired the car on warranty and had it back to me within 24 hours, no charge. My opinion of Ford reversed completely and I am again happy I am a Ford man. Still wonder how a set of ball joints can go at under 24,00 miles though?
  6. Had my lower control arms and upper strut mounts done at 30k miles under warranty.