Anyone else like saving pics off message boards?

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  1. I know I do. Lets share the best car pics we have. I know a lot of you have tons of pics like I do. For now, here's three of my stang.




    I'd like to add to my collection, so I'll post mine you post yours and so on. :banana:
  2. where are my pics? does anyone see my pics? :shrug:

    someone tell me how to post a pic and have come up without clicking on it please!!!!!!!!!!!! :bang:
  3. I will post some as soon as I get home. I think I have over 200 pictures of classics.

    Any specific year you want?
  4. I don't see them, but I hear others are having the same problem too. Something funky with the attachments.

    Not really, just your personal faves or what you think is worthy. I'd love to have videos of the classics, but there just aren't that many floating around.

    As for the pics, feel free to whore it up guys, this is a whore friendly thread. :D

    Some of my of chops.



    [​IMG] :banana:
  5. edited them in take a look above.
  6. Here's one of my 68, my gf's 90 GT, and my friend's 88 LX.

    Also one of my 86 when I first got it.

    Why won't my attachments show up??
  7. Here are a few of my faves
  8. Anybody know what's going on with the attachments around here? I know it's screwy in the other forums too. :shrug: :stick:
  9. Well, I don't get to surf as much as I used to, but of all the pics I've seen and saved on the net, this one is still the sweetest! :D


    :drool: :hail2:
    Ahem. ;)

    BTW, I have a theory on the whole image thing when adding new attachments. I suspect that after some folks are going thru the manage attachments button and succesfully uploading their file that they are clicking on the submit reply button that is above the options section, and not the one 4 inchs below that under the option section. :shrug:

    Of course that does not explain why my [​IMG]
  10. Hey pak, I think I remember that pic from wayyy back in 2000. Might have been another on, not too sure. I used to go by AMEER back then. You remember Tang350, and digitalgm? Wonder where they went off to?

    Oh yeah, I always liked a nice clean vert. Sweet car.

    Hey, 12sec67, are both cars yours? I'm diggin that 67.
  11. this is my 401K um I mean, baby!!


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  12. Oh sure Ameer. Yeah, since the car is mine, the pic hasn't actually changed much. Heh heh. ;) I speak to Tang on the AOL IM every now and again, but he doesn't seem to haunt this place too much anymore. Guess he has too many ponies on his ranch now to tend to. So what made you change your name then?
  13. Too bad about Tang, he always had good stuff to show around. About my name, well, I was off stangnet for a while and when I tried to log in months later I forgot the password. And guess what, the email I requested never got to me, so MrBobMarley it was from then.

    Well....that and I love Bob Marley, best reggae singer ever.