Anyone else notice all the new folks...

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  1. Well, it certainly seems to me that there are a ton more folks registered here recently (well, since October really), especially in January... I wonder if the ink SN has gotten lately has contributed? Gosh, anyone remember when there was all that hoopla about this becoming a "dying forum" and there were so few new folks, and everything was overrun with OT stuff, and eventually was flushed into "THE GUTTER" :eek: ... Funny how things chage. :)

    Anyway, for all you new folks actully reading this, welcome to the fray... :nice:
  2. I noticed it also, its a good thing :nice:
  3. Yes, some good things going on. I think the members that have been here awhile do a good job in getting the new ones off to a good start.

    As they say down here in the south: "we nip the bad stuff in the bud".

  4. Maybe somone can help me with this one. I remember reading not too long ago, that the early Mustangs are gaining a cult status similar to what the 55-57 Chevrolet enjoys. This may be a factor in the surge of new faces.
  5. i think i fall in that category :D
  6. I've been here so long, everything just blends together. :( :p
  7. The introduction of the 2005 has sprouted a lot of interest in the Mustang as of late. Before NAIAS in Detroit, I was averaging 36 viewers on my forum at any given time. Now, I average about 136 at a time. People's interest in the new car has caused them to go searching the web for info, when they do, they end up here. A lot of the folks are classic owners who see that we have good forums and so they register. I see many of them going away after a short time, but it also means that there will be a lot of new faces around for the long run.
  8. new people :D ! Great Forum!
    Thanks for all the great info
  9. Sounds like you're spending too much time at the Flying Saucer Blake :p
  10. Flushing???

    Hey now!:rolleyes: As one of the denizens who help dig that ditch, I resemble that remark!;):D

    Might want to remember most of that "stuff" was "flushed" out of MY Closet!:nice::D
  11. Yes, I remember the bit about us dying.

    But, a lot of the statements were being made by what I call "forum bullies" and most were from other forums.

    Now, lets get SD back.

  12. Yes. It is nice to see new folks in here. It's sad that we lost a lot of good members to other forums, or just lost them all together. Hopefully we have a good mix now from all areas of the hobby.
  13. Can someone fill me in on what happened last year? It seems my 12 month self-imposed hiatus has severally kept me out of the 'loop' around StangNet. What is this talk about StangNet's demise and loosing good members?
  14. It was a dark era. Lets just embrace the bright future of this place. :D
  15. <----- Been here since dirt was young.

    I should get back into posting tech stuff, I took a hiatus for awhile, but may jump back in come spring, Oh, and welcome to the new folks.


  16. ....which made room for me to move in along with my Caspian Blue metal-flake six-man Jacuzzi! :D (The Mrs. never did like "that thing" on our patio at home...) For this I thank you :nice:

    Seriously; I'm glad to see additional "mix" of new folks. Many are asking the same q's that have been heard before - the threads of which I'm madly copying to "external storage" in case I have another computer crash before I can finally start on my Mustang. That way, I won't be sitting here with 5 bazillion posts on the books and asking "How hard is it to convert a 6 cyl 'Stang to V-8?" and "Should I go with the Shelby drop?". By then I'll have the answers archived!

    The most amazing thing - for me - is seeing how many "kids" (at my age, only 7DMach1 and 65stanger aren't kids) are out there doing what I can't seem to find time/money to do; namely building a "new-old 'Stang". I just have to remember....I have teenagers of my own - that's why I'm so tired and broke :rolleyes:

    I saw SD's tag on a couple of posts recently....gonna have to check if they were new threads or resurrected old threads. Still good to hear his words.

    Still Dreamin'
  17. i remember when everyone thought SN was dying.
  18. Hey, don't get me wrong... I remember those days fondly. I visited the gutter a few times, including sucking up some rather flavorful jello as I recall. And I seem to remember getting locked in the closet once (or was only threatened by the evil overlord, The keeper of the key?)

    Still, I'm glad to see OT stuff has a place where it is both acceptable and welcome now (thanks to the Talk section)... heck, remember the tedious painful debates over the "value" of such a thing, and how it might detract from the Tech side, inviting arrogant ignorant forum junkies to post meaningless and distracting threads? Admittedly, the Talk forum is still pretty young, but it seems to have found its way to a nice balance. :nice:

    Say, shouldn't someone be dragging this thread into the gutter and sending out the closet invasion force? Is the evil overlord shirking duty? Where are all the kittens and cookies? That was always good fodder...

    Next please... :D
  19. The only reason why I can is that I don't have a wife and kids to support.............. :shrug:

    Hold onto your bellies! (Get it? Buddha.....Belly?) :rlaugh: Next stop is The Gutter :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  20. Hey now... I represent that comment!

    (Fires up the Waring blender to mix up some Margaritas) Bring it on!!!!!!!

    Still Dreamin'