Anyone else notice all the new folks...

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  1. Why? This is the nonsense the talk section was developed for. There isn't any rule breaking going on here, is there? He should put the lock to some of the OT topics in the tech section
  2. gp001..............Classic Talk? The only thing classic in this thread is me.

  3. I thought you were more "Vintage" :nice:

    The sad fact is that the mindless, OT, spewage (or in CC speak "Jantastic ass clownery") that is in this thread was one of the main reasons for starting a Classic Talk forum. Oddly enough, the term "Classic talk" refers more to the location of the forum than its content
  4. Ahem.......what am I? Chopped liver?:scratch:
  5. Close, We think of you as Chum. ;) ;)

    Wanna go fishin?
  6. people come and people go, man this time last year my post per day count was 12.... now im luckey if i get 12 a week.....

    Ill keep in touch....

  7. Sure! Does this mean you are The Master Baiter? :rlaugh:

    p.s.-read my sig line
  8. Man you guys all crack me up! :D BTW Historicstang, I agree with StDr that you have mucho grande juevos.

    Stdr you are more like the dirty old grandpa figure ;)

    BTW I now have about a dozen coed's phone #'s and adresses now (ASU semester started yesturday) so I bet i easily could make a few calls and fill up that 6 person jacuzzi with 'eye candy'. :D
  9. oboebrian, speaking of coed's, they call me "Mr. 5000" and it has nothing to do with the amount of forum post that I have put up over the WWW.

    Dang, now you young wipper snappers have me talking trash. Let see: first time was in 1964, times x times per week, times 38 years....................yes, that equals at least 5000 times.

    I do not usually put one of these up, but for this one time it will drive home the point: :banana:

  10. That equates to about 2.53 times per week :) I don't want to know what the .53 means.

    nice pun:D
  11. I've been in the same boat lately. It's just too cold to go out and do anything with Sadie so the mechanic part of my brain is in hibernation.

    Plus I've been getting more active in a few other forums that have to do with another hobby of mine so I've been really busy with those.

    I'm looking forward to pulling out the welder again though, so I'll be back in the spring. But I still pop in from time to time so nobody try to get away with anything or I'll lock the whole lot of you in the closet. :D And no, you can't take my avatar chick with you.

  12. New guy to the forum... old guy to the journey. I would personally like to thank everyone on this forum! I know that we all don't agree on things but I have to say by far this forum has been my saviour. This is my fourth stang, first one was twenty years ago, (first car 68 coupe- too much power too much testosterone), now I am a father of a crazy 5 year old and a proud owner of a big ass 3 car garage in suburbia. Time and $$ have made a huge impact on this project over the other drivers. Thank again for the continued support of us "new folk", there is never a good reason to remake the wheel.

  13. Well, since you are new to this forum, we'll let you slide with a warning this time..........:nono:
    You're not supposed to hijack a thread back to it's original topic once it's been hijacked off of the topic!:nonono:

    BTW....As one of the original Closet critters, and one of many architects of the Gutter, I bid you Welcome to Stangnet! :banana: :banana: :banana:
  14. Just found this thread, so another "Old Fart" checks in...

    Oh boy! This thread has had sparks of those few glorious threads of last year! If I recall correct, I was tagged the architect of the Gutter! It was myself, 65Stanger, the Mongos, Gingie, Peanut, Chelle, and a few other characters letting it all hang out! Yeah, I'm another old-timer here, but have fun playing with the kids. Shows a human side!

    Get me one of them Warm "adult" coffees too! It's cold up here! :banana:

    For our newer friends, enjoy it here, we're both a smart bunch, and a crazy bunch! :rlaugh: (but not as crude as those Fox-Body kids....) :lol:
  15. Uh oh. :eek:

  16. That's the most dangerous time for me! I just sit at work and figure out what I want to do next to the car. Of course, then I figure out how much it'll cost and then I get depressed.

  17. Ummmm has anyone also noticed that many threads long since dead and buried are rising from their graves as a result? Geez have some of these newbies got some time on their hands. I rarely get to page 2 anymore. :shrug: I have to now remind myself to check the start date on every topic I click on before I continue to read it.
  18. Aaaaaaauuuuuuuuugggggghhhhh! Night of the Living Dead Threads!:eek:
  19. Yup. I agree. I'm a moderator on a DSM forum and I HATE when people do that. That, and when people come on and ask the stupidest newbie questions that could be answered with a simple click of the search button. That's why it's there!! Use the damn thing!