Anyone else notice all the new folks...

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  1. But how many newbies REALLY know the secrets of the Gutter..................

    (just ask 65Stanger....)
  2. NONE!
    [evillaugh]BWAA HAA HAA HAA HAA![/evillaugh] :rlaugh:

  3. I dont want to know about the BBFCM's "secrets" he already lost his thong know there's a reason that we like to keep the closet locked..........................

    BTW -- I think I'm going to get out the inflatable Aligator raft and float around until I have "no tan lines" :D
  4. How can a dry roasted nut the color of sh** have tan lines???:scratch:
  5. Um, I think i hi-jacked another thread to this one...

    I inadvertantly referred to this thread in Realmongo's birthday thread... :shrug:

    See if anybody catches it.

    (wasn't this how the gutter got started?) :rlaugh:
  6. Something about peanut-boy and his dinky raft............ :shrug:
  7. This is Mustanggurl2695 ((deanna)) I didn't have time to sign out of dads name.
    Something tells me that the gutter is comming back.......
  8. The Gutter never left............just the various critters were off sunbathing (or snow bathing as the case may be...) :D
  9. woo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the gutter is back, i haven't been in the gutter for a while. what is the flavor of the day today anyway? i hope it's tapioca again. i really liked the tapioca. ewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i just found fritz's thong. ugggghhhhhh! dude you left it on the steps at our end of the gutter again, how many times doe we have to tell you, it's ok to come to visit the texas end of the gutter as long as you or your underwear doesn't stay too long......................LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Now I can see this being addded to my sig tag :D

    Goooooooooood moderator dawg! :nice: :nice: :banana:

    AAAaaaaaaaawwwwwe! :(

    Comin' right up! Today we're offering choices... you want Glenlivet or Jack Daniels?

    Throw that sucker back to the northeast end of the gutter! Fer gosh sakes, DON'T toss it west towards my Jacuzzi! :eek: I've already given the water it's weekly shock treatment, and I'm still trying to convince 'Chelle that the Jacuzzi is a safe place for her avatar :nice:

    Gawd I love the smell of a good threadjacking on a cold winter's night!

  11. Too easy!

    A cross-thread 'jacking! You dah MAN :nice:

    Still Dreamin'
  12. Thread Hi-Jacking

    C'mon, c'mon gang, keep it going! We need to out-do last Summer's Hi-jack rampage many of us were on for a while! Boy, those were the days!!! We were both nuts and without shame!!

    what other threads can be Hi-Jacked??? :rlaugh:
  13. Better than a cross-dressing Jack! (Or Dan as the case may be.....), and in this case it's DAN dah man! :rlaugh:
  14. cross-WHAT?



    (but you wear a thong.........) :rlaugh:
  15. Not really, they're regular shorts....but my ass is so big they look like a thong.:shrug:
  16. We need a new moderator, or moderators!

    Jump over to corner-carvers and they will show you how to stop this madness.

  17. Why?:scratch:
  18. Ahh yes, but CC is much different than SN. This is a family site. You won't find Jon, Jim, Tob (not Todd), Johnny X or any of the other attack dogs using terms like felching d ick weasel here. You won't see d ick wagging contests consisting of who read and knows more engineering theory relating to the motion ratio of a flea experiencing too much anti squat. There is no Wiki, or required reading, to come to SN and have a jantastic azz clown of a time

    This madness my friend is exactly what the Talk section was made for
  19. Besides, it is a healthy outlet for those winter blues and cabin fever!:nice:

    [size]next year I'm going to the Bahamas[/size] :nonono:
  20. Hear, Hear!

    Well said GP!

    That's wht we are here, in the talk section, only having fun on a few threads. It's a fun outlet where opur intent is exactly to have fun, cause a chuckle.

    Historic: We all respect each other here. I trust you are just adding to the fun. If this one thread in the talk section does not agree with you, then you would have been in full connundrum a while back when the "Gutter" and "Closet" threads and Hi-jackings were rampant and wild. We all closed it down for a while, and are now just having a bit of fun in selected threads, leaving all others alone (though I did goof up in Mongo's birthday thread! :shrug: ). I applaud the moderators for letting us play a bit, here, but I think all us denziens of the gutter and close know how far to go, and will keep our fun in check. C'mon, jump in! We have warm, adult drinks, 6-man Jacuzzi's, floating thongs, and lot's of laughs! Smile, enjoy, have fun!

    If you want, hit the "Gutter" words on BBFCM sig, and see how looney we got! It was fun!

    Keep smilin', and enjoying your "Stang!