Anyone else notice all the new folks...

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  1. :nonono: I .......never mind too easy! :D
  2. Smart move peanut boy!
  3. Class reunion

    As part of my senility, I am trying to remember all the participants in the forming of the gutter.....

    Um, um, uh....... :banana:
  4. Don't strain too hard, you might hurt yourself! :rlaugh:
  5. You should see the smoke that came out of my ears when I tried to remember...... I think I blew a fuse!
  6. I'm glad it came out your ears and not the other end! :rlaugh:

  7. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. it must be hard getting OLD ........... sure am glad that I've got a long way to go :p
  9. Keep it up and you might not live that long!:nono:
  10. You might want to check out the "beard..." thread we are discussing the generational gap........ we havent quite gotten back to your's yet but up next I plan to introduce the art of the "stone tablet" and would appreciate your first hand input :)
  11. Experience

    But at least we're more experienced!!! :lol:

    As for your stone tablets, give them back, I'm still using them to write my stories on! Abe Lincoln gave them to me....... :spot:

  12. Abe....who? :shrug:....Is that who brought us cars like the Zephyr and continental?
  13. I'll give you first hand experience with a "stone tablet" of your very own! We're gonna use it to demonstrate how to grind peanuts into peanut-gutter-butter!:D;)
  14. Yup...he was a partner with Henry Ford and Joe Mercury! :rlaugh:
  15. speaking of the first automobiles ........How did you like driving those steam powered cars? I hear (or should I say I've read in a history book) they were pretty sluggish :D
  16. You better hold on REAL tight to your dinky little inflatable life're drifting perilously close to the DEEP END of the Gutter, and I would hate for anything to happen to you........ :rolleyes:

  17. Can't I just hold on to you.....I know a big fella like yourself can keep me safe :)
  18. Awww, gee......I was planning on standing on your shoulders to keep my head above water! :(
  19. i was an original excavator of the gutter. but i'm pretty sure it was mostly chepie and mustsuzi that originally started it all.
  20. And it was fun!!!!!!!