Anyone Else Sick Of Their 5.0 Developing A Knock

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  1. So little back story on my car it is a 14 GT Premium (Brembo). I have only done axle back American Thunder Flowmasters on the car, because of everything out there regarding failures on these motors and warranties being voided, or else I would go crazy with mods.

    I have 9000 miles on the 14GT. I have already completed 2 oil changes with 5w-20 motorcraft at the Ford Dealership. At around 8k miles I noticed a very loud knock coming from the driver side. Most notably from the wheel well. It is extremely obvious and very embarrassing to drive around with. I have had Whaling City Ford out in New London, CT check it out and they claim their is no problem (That was around 8k miles). I then had Girard Ford of Norwich, CT check it out more recently at around 8900 miles), again claim their is no noise.

    This is absolutely frustrating as hell. I have personally taken mechanics stethoscope to each cylinders area and personally heard the knock obviously coming from the #8 area on the car. Again I have zero mods other axle back exhaust. My gas mileage has steadily dropped down little by little. When I first got the car I was able to get 16-18mpg average. Now I am seeing 12-14 mpg. I drive the car pretty gingerly at most times, very rarely get on it at all. Lately especially when cold the car dies or nearly dies when disengaging the clutch at low speeds. When the motor is released to a neutral position. It almost always bogs down and feels like it is going to die (Key note I have drove manuals since I was 15 and it is not driver error).

    I am so close to getting rid of this car and avoiding the 5.0 stangs until they figure these problems out with the newer motors, which hopefully have fixed the kinks (4 years worth of them).

    On top of that shifting is nearly impossible sometimes, feels like the synchros are just jacked. Hard to get into 1st-3rd gear, have to really play with it to get that to happen with any kind of ease. Not smooth whatsoever. I am not referring to the clunky MT82s because that is what it is, just plain crappy shifting all around. Again I was told it was normal, when I have driven numerous other 11-14 5.0s with them feeling normal. My car is not. And another problem if I am ever forced to accelerate to any area near the high range and shift quickly the clutch will stay depressed to the floor (Which is ABSOLUTELY crazy). It will not release for 10-30 seconds after trying to get it to release. It isn't sticking to carpet. This is most likely that damn spring hanging up (yet another known problem), the dealer refuses to acknowledge. The only other dealer I have a chance with is Crest Ford out of Niantic CT. But, honestly at this point I almost give up and am starting to accept my car is just crap. Luck of the draw I guess =(
  2. Whaling City Ford out in New London, CT check it out and they claim their is no problem (there*) mistyped that. I really hope this can get resolved I have had 14 Ford vehicles now (5 Mustangs total), and honestly I am losing faith fast. 33 years old and for been a Ford only guy since I knew what cars were =P. I am really leaning towards trying another manufacturers performance car and seeing if they have improved over the years.
  3. Have you not attempted to pursue a lemon suit??? That's seems like a likely course of action here. You could also voice your concerns on YouTube with video proof like that guy with his 911 did. It went viral and Porsche bought his car back.