Anyone else sick of this part II...

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  1. Now, there is a thread in the Talk section entitled "just got a real mustang."

    While this is his opinion, this is what my point was. Why does someone think that a GT is a real mustang and the v6 isn't? Is the v6 a pretender? I thought is was just a less powerful version that was more economical and cheaper. When is a lot of power enough? Will he change his statement to follow his logic when the cobra comes out? I mean that will be the new "real" mustang.

    This crap is just rediculous.
  2. yes I am sick of it and it got my blood boiling until I read this:
    the guy had been having problems with his V-6 vert, and I think earlier he had mentioned he "settled" on the V-6. oh well to each his own..
  3. heres one of his first posts about his V-6 Vert:
  4. Yeah hes a cross over from our group. Not a bad guy at all, just excited about having such an awesome car he didnt think he could have before. He's just ruffling feathers Im sure.
  5. Once I get blown, we'll make him pay for his betrayal.. We'll show him, he just wasted his money.. What a loser blk05vert is.. LOL!!

    Just kidding.. I'm actually happy he was able to find a GT.. You cant blame him.. Dont hate the player, hate the game!
  6. Different Strokes for Different folks...

    Me, I really don't pay any attention to the "real 'stang" talk. I can have either one, and I *chose* the V6 because it is what I wanted - for all my own personal reasons.

    The folks that are enthusiastic about their V8s are just having a great time with what they've got.

    I can guarantee you that there are very few who are enjoying their Mustang any more than I am...

    This is all easier to bear than what I went through with my previous car - I got epithets yelled at me going down the road with my top down... I get nothing but respect when I'm driving my LBS.
  7. I chose the V6 cause it will be my daily driver, and I didnt want to pay buttloads on gas per week. The GT's are awesome though.

  8. Damn thats a sick Stang man!! OMG!! I dont care what motor is in that baby!! It is sweet.. Please post screenshots when you put wheels on it!! :nice:
  9. Got the below from another forum, when I was asking about turbos.

    I realize that if you listen long enough to the GT guys you are likely to develop a complex about your V6.
    Consider the following:
    1. No matter if it's a 4.0 or a 4.6, most people won't know the difference. All they see is you're driving a 2005 Mustang, Car of the Year and the most envied car in America. Notice the stares and the thumbs up? Do you really think they know or care what engine you have? Most don't
    2. The 4.0 V6 responds well to mods and with the right stuff you can keep up with a stock GT.
    3. For instance, I've invested around $800 in a SCT XCAL, a CAI and a JBA Axleback. My 1/4 mile best time is 14.7 wiith around 98 MPH trap speed. A stock GT that ran the same day turned in a 14.6 with about the same speed. This is not to say my car is faster (he was a 1/10 of a second faster) he should be running low 13's. This is probably due to skill levels between he and I. The truth of the matter is, an experienced GT guy will shut you down in a heartbeat!
    4. You have nothing to be ashamed of or hang your head about. There can be a light at the end of the tunnel and it won't take a turbocharger to see it. A lot of of people will underestimate your V6 as they think its slow like the 3.8. You have a pretty fast car the way it is, so be proud of what you have!!!
  10. what some folks dont get is that its DISPLACEMENT not cylinders that matters. you're a little over half a liter displacement behind... so? 4.0 is plenty to get sufficient power to move this heavy car into 13's easily.

    its a good motor, the problem is the rest of the drivetrain. i predict a lot of busted axles and trannies in this forum.
  11. For once I cant do anything but agree with you Makoto.. Im near to the point of crying already looking at tranny and rear end specs for this car. I think anyone wanting to make SERIOUS power is going to have to change these out. Then we're way way up there in GT pricing, and I just friggen hate that. It almost makes me want to go back to spending more time with a 68 Camaro. Almost. But not yet.
  12. FWIW, the auto is the same in the GT and V6. :nice:
  13. Yes, but I have a manual :) .. or is that a :( in this case?
  14. :( Yeah the manual is different. I think the trans and rearend will stand up to most bolt-ons as long as you aren't drag racing every weekend. Adding NOS or a blower might concern me. Swapping out the rear won't be that big of a deal once a few GT owners total their cars. :p NOS is the worst since it is such a huge jolt to the drivetrain once you hit it.