Anyone Else's Coyote Consuming Oil?

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  1. After I bought my Mustang GT it consumed about 1.5 quarts of oil in the first 3500 miles (provided it was full from the dealer) I took it back and they checked it out, told me that they ran an oil leak test on it and nothing turned up...further they said that everything was tip top and that the oil consumption was probably just break-in...fair enough. After having the oil changed at that point, it still consumes oil...granted the oil consumption has seemingly slowed...down a little under a quart after 2500 miles. Does this sound right...will it slow more and more until it eventually stops? I'm going to take it back to the dealer this weekend and go from there. Does anyone else's coyote do this?
  2. Yes, they all consume a bit of oil. 1 qrt between oil changes is about normal.
  3. Mine has 51000 miles on it and is eating about 3 quarts between oil changes. I can actually smell oil burning sometimes at high RPMs. Not sure if its the crappy Motorcraft 5W-20 oil or what, but it is definitely burning oil. What year is your car? Mine is a 2011 built January 2011. Maybe there is a suspect batch of motors.
  4. Mine is a 2014. I called the dealer and they said Ford's standard is 1 qrt for 900 miles...I don't know about that...sounds a little suspect to me. Having them tell me that I called Ford themselves and they said that 2500 miles to 1 qrt sounds a little excessive, but... Anyway, I topped it off wrote down the mileage and we'll see...I'm just going to keep an eye on it and record the mileage. I haven't smelled any burning oil at higher rpm's, but I will definitely keep my nose on that. Then again if it were burning oil I'd think that it would go through a qrt in far less than 2500 miles.
  5. 1qrt for 2,500 miles is pretty good.
  6. Better than some others that I've heard about...I guess. Like I said I'm gonna just keep an eye on it. Earlier @ SpartaPerformance you said 1 qrt between oil changes is normal. Having said often are oil changes? If the oil change is 5k to 7k miles then that would theoretically amount to approx 2 qrts per oil change. If the oil change is every 3k miles then yes that would be 1 qrt.
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  7. At first mine drank a bit now it is settling down and drinking very little. There's a little under 10,000 miles on my 2012. The car makes 439 flywheel horses on a mild tune with no other power mods and runs 11 sec 1/4s with a full option load so, the motor's good and the oil consumption was just an early idiosyncrasy. Just keep an eye on it for a bit and don't let it get too low.
  8. Just changed my oil again- right on time- and it looks like it only consumed somewhere between 1.5 and 2 quarts this time, which is apparently normal. Not too worried about it, 8 qts is a bit excessive anyway and I'm not sure you would experience a lock up unless your car was just leaking the :poo:.
  9. Tagging this. I have a 2014 with approximately 3,800 miles so from what I understand it should still be within it's "oil eating" mileage.

    I'll keep an eye on it.

    One thing to note, I switched to Mobil1 5w-30 Extended Performance about 1k miles ago.
  10. I just bought my 2014 GT I will have to check and let you know on the oil consumption
  11. At the Ford dealer I now work at we have had one 5.0 Coyote engine replaced under warranty (just the short block) for an oil consumption issue. But it would eat 4 plus qrts in 1k miles. Had to do the whole oil consumption test and what not to satisfy Ford warranty. It was not the cylinder heads that are the problem, but rather the rings.
  12. I just hit 3200 and the dipstick is still exactly at the top of the fill line.
    Still on the factory oil.
    Track pack, had it about 2 months now.
  13. Just wanted to provide an update.

    Still running the Mobil1 5w-30 Extended Performance and the dipstick is still at the top of the fill line. This is with 3k miles on the oil so far. The car now has 5555 miles on it.

    Mixed driving... highway and city. This is also with high RPM use for merging (4k-5krpm) and the occasional 7k just for fun. :)
  14. EEK, I hope this is a problem already worked out? I just purchased a 2014 5.0, I will be watching now!
    I know this was the case with the 87-93 Mustangs thus Ford went to the Hyper eutectic pistons for the 93 Cobras & 94-95?
    Are the new Coyote pistons forged?
  15. I have a '14 and upon my 1st change at 700miles to Mobile1 Extended 5/20 I found my oil level had dropped considerably since dealer lot drive away and now in the past week I've dropped at least a half quart in the past 100 miles, I'm keeping my eye on it..
  16. FWIW, I've discovered that Mobil1 synthetic is not a "true" synthetic oil. There's lot's of information on Google about it, but basically the story goes something like: Due to verbiage in US regulations that non synthetic oil can be advertised and sold as synthetic oil even though it's not truly fully synthetic.

    With that being the said, the knowledgeable people about motor oils say that the Mobil1 Extended Performance oil is a "true" synthetic. (has the gold label/lid)
  17. I will probably change my oil around the 1000 to 1500 mark. I know they say 5k. But the first oil change I like to switch to full synthetic and do it around 1k mark.
  18. Hello ponypwr,

    Welcome to the forum! My name is Deysha with Ford Service. I recommend you bring it in to your Ford Dealer and get it checked out. Then PM me with your VIN, dealer, mileage, full name, and best daytime number so I can escalate it to the customer service manager for your area if needed.

  19. I'm running Mobil1 5W30, and using about 1qt per oil change. (6k miles) Guess where it goes? In my catch can. There's a good amount of blow by in these motors even when they're running perfectly.
  20. Hey I'm new to the forum. Hello everyone. I wanted to chime in because my '14 gt is also consuming oil. Already added a quart at 3k miles. I have contacted the dealer and I was told that it wasn't anything to worry about but to keep an eye on it.