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  1. Ford Racing Parts and Accessories at great prices

    I attempted to purchase a set of 4.10 gears from them the other night. Apparently somewhere in the billing information I provided them I made a typo of some sort, meaning that my billing information did not match.

    I received an email saying that the information provided was incorrect and the order was cancelled. Ok, no big deal I'll just reorder.

    Despite the order being cancelled, they still charged my credit card the entire fee of the gears (billing information was incorrect but they decided to charge it anyway LOL).

    So, it's been a few days and the fee hasn't been credited back to my account to I send them this email:

    "Hello. I received an email stating that my order was cancelled yet my credit card was still charged the $139 fee? Thanks"

    I just now get their reply:

    "If you would have supplied the correct information that would not have happened. Ask your credit card for the money"

    ........WHAT? Talk about top-notch customer service :nice:

    After reading their response, I sent them this:

    "Talk about excellent customer service. It was so exceptional that I will now be creating discussion threads on ever mustang enthusiast website elaborating just how well you treat your potential customers. Have a nice day."

    So much for any future business with these *******s.
  2. Their latest response:

    "You're too late for that. Been there, done that. How is it that it's our fault when you're the one who chose to ignore the warnings and give the wrong address?"

    I guess word about their stellar customer service has gotten around lol :shrug:
  3. You mean these guys? Yes, their customer service is in definite need of improvement. I regret having spent a dime with them, the more I read about their lack of professionalism.
  4. Haha holy crap...That's almost hard to believe.

    Never heard of the site but their prices are pretty competitive. Definitely never purchasing from them, however.

  5. I love how arrogant they are, but they WILL lose lots of business through word of mouth on the forums...
  6. Yeah I was pretty shocked when I opened their first email, especially seeing as they are an FRPP distributor.
  7. Touche

    This is the last email I wrote them:

    "Why did you charge my account if you noticed the billing information was incorrect? I didn't realize that I had entered the wrong address and was more than willing to reorder.....until I realized just how mature your company was. Have you ever wondered how much more business you might acquire if you weren't such *******s? Anyway, Im done with you and your so-called "business"

    I've since received a reply from them but simply deleted it without reading.

    Damn, and their gears were cheap too. Oh well :shrug:
  8. :scratch:Sounds like they run it out of someone's basement, someone needs to talk to the :fuss:better buisness bureau. Thanks for the heads up though, will not order from them. :OT:Summit racing and American Muscle has the best customer service I've encountered, for what its worth, not exactly the cheapest, I think I've found a reason why BFR employees are not willing to help:thinking:.
  9. I ordered the mach 1 break kit from them back in August. Thought it was a good deal until I found out one of the calipers where bad. They do not have a contact number, tried to email them about 5 times to return the kit and they never responded back. I looked on the interent to try and find some number for them but came up with nothing:mad:. They need to be shut down now...:mad:
  10. Contact the Better Business Bureau
  11. LOL these guys sure are something else!

    Im not sure if you're interested anymore, but I ran a search on the business name, city, and zip and came up with this:

    Diversified Products Marketing
    9980 Joy Rd
    Plymouth, MI 48170 Map
    (734) 459-0130

    Their website is also listed under the phone number so its definitely them :nice:
  12. Wow that is uncool! I am planning on buying lots of mustang parts in the future but not from them! Latemodelresto, summit, and American muscle have great customer service and will be getting my money! Latemodel resto refunded my money when their policy said they didn't have to! No questions asked!

    If I can't call and talk to someone to order parts, i will order somewhere else!
  13. Thanks for the reminder. Jegs here I come.
  14. I did the exact same thing and he gave me the same BS as you. Companies should not charge jack **** until the item is shipped. They on the other hand charge you first then **** all over you later for a mistake. Then you have to wait several days until you see your money back.
  15. I hear you. Thats the only reason why I decided to send them an email to begin with. I originally placed the order @ 4:30AM (this was BEFORE going to bed lol) so it was really late and i was dead tired. I completely accept that I could have made a mistake somewhere on the order form.

    I just simply wanted to know why they proceeded to process the fee through my bank account when the information was incorrect. They even state on their website (in the policies section) that cancellations will NOT be billed.

    .....then I got that response from them that really pissed me off.
  16. Thanks for the heads up.
  17. ouch, see if you can contact frpp and let them know they have a loser distributor representing them
  18. Sounds like an SD Wheeler business to me. He is never very far away!