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  1. :stupid:
  2. "Our advanced fraud protection system will reject your order if the billing / shipping addresses do not match your credit card information."

    Methinks it ain't so advanced if it cancels all orders when it's obviously a typo and not fraud.
  3. :rlaugh: This guy make me laugh, I wonder how long there school is for "How to argue with the customer" ... And the next school of "The Customer is always WRONG"... This just guy just loves to make BFR look even worse.:nice:
  4. i would be more than ecstatic at this point if they showed up at my door with those wheels. ill keep you guys posted.
  5. I ordered and received the 13" cobra brake upgrade kit last summer, but I had no idea the customer service with BFR was this bad. Had I known this there is no way I would have ordered from them last summer and my car would still have the crappy factory brakes (would have been too difficult to convince the wife that $700 cobra brakes from another vender were a necessary expense). I mean I was disappointed that they didn't send a tracking number, but at the price I got the brakes I didn't really care. Thank goodness all of my parts were brand new and in good working order. I'll also add that I'm glad I bought my braided brake lines from MM after that horror story posted in another tread where the brake lines didn't work and BFR was completely rude about it.

    Good customer service goes a long way. I'm glad I got a good deal on the brakes and they came to me in good working order, but I wouldn't ever deal with BFR again for fear of having an issue with a part and not being able to resolve the issue with them.
  6. I just orderd from them and got the stuff quickly but it was a cluster frack getting the brake kit installed. After two weeks of finding out the Bullitt calipers require the special fine thread banjo bolts and not being able to get them I finnaly emailed BFR. In the mean time I found their number. I tgold the guy and was very very polite. All I said is I wish that they mentiones the calipers are $40 less then the Cobras cause I need $50 banjo bolts. The guy was rude and snapped at me then said he didnt sell them. Then he told me their size. I told him Ford made two of them and one is 31mm long and the stock replacement is 26.5mm long and thats what I needed. He told me I was wrong and they are 31mm long and he has one in his hand...... I thought he said they dont sell them. Anyway I tell him someone I know and trust thats run a Ford parts department for x ammount of years says 26.5mm and he tells me the guy is a dumb ass and is wrong. :mad: He also tells me that if I but the brake lines then they come with them. Which was wrong cause all 7 places i checked dont include them.

    In the mean time he answered my email and was just as rude. Their prices are great but their service is so bad I will never buy from them again.
  7. Well, this should be interesting:
  8. :lol:

  9. An excellent opportunity for BFR to make things right, let's keep an open mind and hear what he has to say. Hopefully he will not be like his minions already in the thread.
  10. Yea, we're all kids and you are obviously an expert. :bs: Do us a favor, stick to the other forums and take your "self flattery" and bad customer svc attitude with you. One day such morons will get the message that SELF RESPECTING PEOPLE DONT DO BUSINESS WITH JERKS WITH BAD ATTITUDES AND KEEP TAKING IT LAYING DOWN!!
  11. WELL SAID. :nice:
  12. sha-ZAM! Just like that, the plot thickens...:rlaugh:

    That is, if it's actually BFR. And if it is, I am VERY interested to see the response to this thread.
  13. Just to let anyone know, I am not affiliated with them in anyway, just stating my experience with them back in 2005 I think it was. The price they offered couldn't be beat so I went for it, plus I wasn't in a hurry for the parts.
  14. I don't think they want to post. I have posted in are local mustang club forum not to buy from BFR. Other people I know will be posting on other Ford forums the same information. If they don't make things right this could be the beginning of the end for BFR.
  15. Ah, another BFR thread.

    I've seen enough of these on here and other Mustang forums to start to wonder if this is the same one person causing all these issues.

    Anyway i'm subsribing for more of that "the customer is.....a moron and deserves to know it" sort of customer service :)