Fox Anyone Ever See Bullits Narrowd To 4-5"?

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  1. Been contemplating picking up a set of drag wheels with skinny front runners for my car for the occasional trip to the track, but for what i'd gain, almost hate to have to swap wheels. And considering I run drag radials on the rear, I'd almost be inclined to pick p a matching set of bullit front runners.

    Anyone ever see some of them??
  2. Not bullits but I have seen '98 Cobras narrowed so it's definitely possible.
  3. No Bullits either, but I did see a set of American Racing Torque Thrust, and they looked awesome!

  4. Yeah,.. I had a set on an old Fairlane I had. I think the bullets would look similar. They (torque thrusts) are the original skinny front runner.
    It'd be different.
  5. Don't you have to run Motorcycle tires on those??

  6. nah, MT has 17" front runners these days, I think Moroso might too
  7. Same guy in MM&FF had them years ago. Looked decent
  8. think the company to talk to is weldcraft :) ive seen a bunch of wheels they have done and always look good!
  9. I have a set of SN95 17x8's I really want to widen to 10". I think it would def be a unique look
  10. the tri bars?
  11. Nah, the 03/04 polished GT premium wheels I have. Love the wheel..but want bigger than 8" out back