Anyone ever tried the Jegs seats?

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  1. Golly, those are cheap! I guess they're competing with the Summit seats. I too wonder what the quality is over a $700 set of Recaro's or something like that.
  2. Well these and the summit seats aren't real leather. So thats one difference.
  3. Well, ive got them and i love them! They are extremely comfortable, and a great value. Heres a pic...



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  4. Those look like the summit seats.

    But i think Im going to get the summit ones anyway. I can afford them now and i dont want the words stitched on the Jegs seats.
  5. What's better Velour or Vinyl? :)
  6. :shrug:


    It sounds better. :)
  7. "No my friend that's not leather, that's pleather.......way better."
  8. Not sure about velour...
    But vinyl is what we call "pleather", which apparently is more durable than real leather as far as seat upholstery (sp?) goes.