Anyone find a better deal than this? (wideband O2 w/ logger)

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    I'm looking at the basic kit.
    349 bucks.
    Includes sensor, cables, and logger that i can download to my cpu.
    Figured I could start my tuning with this.
    If it's not a good quality, lemme know.
    From their site...:
    LM-1: Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Meter

    Tuning an engine for maximum power previously required long trial-and-error sessions on a dynamometer. With the LM-1, precise AFR measurement allows the user to correctly adjust many variables- including carburetor jetting, fuel injection, turbo fuel curves, etc.- without long and expensive dyno sessions. The meter’s digital signal processing technology provides data on exactly how rich or lean an engine is running at any load. The LM-1’s self-calibrating circuitry also compensates for changes in temperature, altitude, and sensor condition.

    The instrument can sample and store 6 channels of data- air-fuel-ratio and up to 5 other sensor data channels- internally in operation for later analysis on a personal computer. At a sampling rate of 12 samples/second the instrument can store up to 44 minutes worth of data in non-volatile memory. The data can be downloaded to a personal computer using a standard serial port and viewed/analyzed by the included software or any standard spreadsheet program."
  2. I am getting the is extra for the logger or guage but since I have a tweecerR/T I can just tap into that. The LC1 is like 190$ or so.

    Its going to be hard to find one that has both the logger and W/B for much under that price, they are all preaty close in price.
  3. Innovate has awesome prices and the product that performs. Its gonna he hard to find a better deal with that kind of quality. A lot of the turbo guys use innovate and have great things to say about them.

  4. yeah, i could hook it up to my current gauge, but i want the logger quite a bit as well. Then, i can tweec, or eec or chip or whatever with a better fuel map.
  5. if you run a tweecer you can run it threw that as a logger as most run it threw the EGR or run a 25$ dataq box to the laptop and log it with tweecer and have the data in sync with the tweecer so things match.

    If you have a tweecerR/T you already have the logger is what I am getting at.
  6. I have the LC-1 with the XD-1 gauge. I love it!
  7. Where can you get a LC-1, is there a web site? Thanks
  8. go to innovate's website. It is a innovate product.
  9. NMCGRAWJ: I just went on Innovatives web site and that LC-1/XD-1 stand alone kit looks nice and it seems to do a lot for the price.
    What is the diff between that kit and a LM-1 kit? Is it just that the Air/fuel is displayed on the hand held box instead of a gauge? The software options seem to be the same if not better with the gauge.
  10. The LM1 has the box deal. That is all I can tell is the diff.

  11. I think the main difference is the gauge. It seems that you can expand them too. Im not sure if you can hook up the LM-1 to a laptop but u can on the lc1/xd1 combo. I never got a chance to but plan on it. I think you can just mainly turn options on and off and that sort of thing.

    And i feel like the guage is much easier to read than the "box". And then you can add in the "cool" factor of the gauge:p
  12. Has anyone hooked their LC-1 up to their laptop via USB and logged with the TwEECer R/T? I see DataQ has a USB kit. Any links explaining how to do this?
  13. I went with a Dynojet Wideband Command on my Cobra. It's pretty cool because it comes with a nice Autometer analog gauge that matches the Phantom series perfectly. Price ranges from 350-450 depending on the sales, and it includes every last thing you need to hook it up.
  14. there are threads about detailed installs on about running a dataq into the laptop.

    From some research you can use any 1-5v guage with the innovate stuff. So you can/could use any autometer cheapo (by comparison cost) A/F guage apperently(sp?).