Anyone from Ft Myers?

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  1. anybody here from Ft Myers? looking for some other stangers in my area.
  2. i live in cape coral

    catch me on AIM if you want - Stylin97v6
  3. I lived in Cape Coral. that count ? :)
  4. i actually live in Cape Coral too.
  5. I USED to live on Santa Barbra, then 15th st SW (i think). Santa Barbra is about 2 miles from Skyline? Elementary. 15th was right before the "main" intersection going toward Trafalgar middle school... If any of that is still there. MAN I hated Gulf Elementary.
  6. yeah it's all still there. nothing much has changed in the cape. a few more grocery stores but still sucks.
  7. hey did you get the reply to your PM?
  8. Ft Myers Stangers ..Cool! :nice:

    I live in Lehigh Acres off SR 82 close to Daniels Pkwy.Cool to see i'm not the only one from Lee county :banana:

    I've been to the Cape just a couple times.Really I don't have a need to travel over there.Too many strict ass city regulations and laws :bs:
  9. I have relatives that live in Lehigh.
  10. So what's up? No one else from Lee county? :shrug:

    Are we alone down here in Stang world besides those people that own Fords who don't really care what kind of car they drive only that is gets them from point A to point B :rolleyes:

    That reminds me.A week ago I was driving on Lee Blvd and I caught up to a teal Mustang LX Convertible exactly like mine (Mine is teal) only thing it was a 4 cylinder (Yeah you can tell by noticing the single stubby tail pipe on the left :D ) and it had 4 Cyl.Wheels. I rode right next to the car for allmost 3 minutes before it turned and the person didn't even look over.Thinking they would act suprised to see another just like theirs.

    That sucks.I ride next to a lot of Mustangs and most of them don't even look over.They just drive like the rest of the numb nuts on Lee roads.
  11. I'm just north of you in Port Charlotte.
  12. I'm in Ft. Myers! I live on College Pkwy, right near Jalepeno's. If you guys want, we could meet up there sometime for some food and car talk. I drive a gray 84 SVO. It's a fun little car, and makes the commute to Naples pretty affordable. If any of you guys see me driving around, feel free to wave. If you're in a Mustang, I'll get the idea.

    That's the good part about SVOs... Not too many people have 'em!

  13. I havent seen that svo, but I would like to. We should hook up some time. I am in Gateway.

  14. Gary, give me a call. 292 2157
    My plans for this evening got put off till tomorrow, if you want to check it out. It's not the cleanest you've seen, but it's still pretty neat.

  15. hey fellas, damn about time we got some people from fort myers chimin in here. I see about 30 mustangs a day on the streets around here i knew somone had to be on this forum. We should have a meet and greet that would be cool. If you guys see me i drive a black 00 vert you should be able to hear me comin or going. lol I try to rev hello to any stangs i come across, if i see you guys i'll rev and throw a wave.

    BTW is the ricer population growing in our town or what?
  16. Gary nice car man.....damn very nice.
  17. Guys- The mustang club meets at galloway on every third wednesday of the month and there is a car show every wednesday in the Cape. Does anyone go to these?

  18. I used to bang a girl who nows lives in Ft. Meyers, Im still in the keys...Amanda Purser was her name..anyone know her by chance?