Anyone from Ft Myers?

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  1. where is the car show in the cape? you talking about the one at the autozone on del prado?
  2. It is in the shopping center parking lot, just down from walmart. Every wednesday. I might go tonight.

  3. what time? im' guessing it's in the Office Max parking lot?
  4. usually 530 until they all leave.

  5. SpyVO what part of new england you from? I moved down here from Hollis NH about 5 years ago.
  6. I'm from Derry, where I grew up. Went to school in Lowell, and I wasn't done school for more than a week before I found myself driving south! Enough winter for me, so I was outta there the first chance I got.

    Hollis is near Nashua, right? That's where I was born, actually.

  7. Derry- There are strange things in the sewers Am I the only guy who reads Steven King.

  8. I have never seen your car before. I wouldn't have missed it! I live off of daniels at parkcrest apartments. My parents live in gateway. I used to live there too, in vista pines across from country club. I have a 95 yellow gts. I can't figure out how to get picture on web. I wouldn't mind meeting up one friday or saturday and introducing you to some big racers you could teach a lesson to.
  9. hey, gary

    I looked at your site and noticed you had a mercedes. My friend has a C43 AMG that looks exactly like your car. Except his center caps are black and its lowered with exhaust work. Have you seen him around it used to go out to gateway alot when I used to live there. You have two very nice cars.

  10. I think I have seen it. Does he live off of colonial and summerlin? My wife passes him frequently. I know it may not look it, but my MB is lowered also. I just didnt want to slam it, cuz its a daily driver. We definitely need to hook up sometime.

  11. Funny thing about the Stephen King books. They take place in Derry, Maine but that doesn't exist, I think... hmmm...

    Lemme know if you guys are going to meet up!

    [email protected]

  12. I'm here too!! You guys meet up anywhere?
  13. No, but we really ought to. There is a mustang club that meets in the service area of gallaway on the 3rd wednesday of every month. We need to get a regular Hooters gettogether going.

  14. Ahh, I thought it was the 2nd Wednesday.. We def should get a meet up goin.
  15. Putting this back up top since I want to see a meet happen!

    So is it the 2nd or 3rd Wednesday? Anyone?

  16. Hey Mike, yeah funny i was born in Nashua too. St Joseph's. Winters suck but i miss the mountians. What a small world, i didn't think anyone even knew about Nashua or Hollis.

  17. bringin this back up :)

    we need to set up a meet in Fort Myers sometime..
  18. I live in south fort myers gladiolous and summerlin. Just got my car back from Galloway today. I'm in a red 88 GT with a huge red Ford sitcker on the back. You'll hear me coming if you see me. :p

  19. I've seen your car around town several times.Heh,I've got a task for you.Here in Lehigh,just down Joel Blvd,some guy that lives down there is always driving around a rice rocket Nissan with a loud ass fart pipe.Always revving his motor and trying to race crap cars at the lights.Rides so close behind,I allmost taught him a lesson once.I just dont street race.

    If anyone sees a teal convertible LX 5.0 with a white top running around town,that's me.

    Anyone else from the area?
  20. Can anyone suggest a good fair body shop in Ft Myers.