Anyone gone to this Roadcourse?

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  1. Some friends and I are considering going to this raceway in April. Iv'e never attended anything like this, I would love to try it.
    Just wanted to know if any of ya attended this place, or something similiar. From what im told your car can be stock to run this place. It will cost $200.00 if we have 5 people or $225.00 with less. I guess I need too read more myself on the website but it was just presented to me this morning. I was told you just gotta have a newer helmet, long sleeves, and long pants. Car will go thru a brief tech inspection to make sure tires, brakes, suspension are good and you are not leaking any fluids.
    Any info is welcome.
    Does anyone know if I will be able to run my car with the spacers it has on it now for the wheels?? They are 1/4".
    Here is the link to the site.
    If I cant run the spacers does someone have a set of wheels to loan me:shrug:
  2. Couple of things.

    HPDE/open track days are **** loads of fun. I've done 6 of them. This Saturday will be my seventh and the first one of the year.

    You car should be fine. I'm not concerned about the spacers. I would be concerned about running the stock brakes. You may have some fade. You will need to be careful not to over heat the brakes.

    I have the 5 lug conversion and ’98 Cobra brakes on the front. Using the twin piston PBR calipers help stopping distances and resist fading very well.

    I’ve never been to that track but anytime you are on a road course, you will have fun.

    Here's a couple of pics of me at Portland International Raceway.


  3. duner.. how'd you do against that subaru?
  4. the picture tells all
  5. Did you spin it at all?? I bet its gonna be fun. I found someone to loan a set of wheels to me if I need them. I called the guy I sold my old Pony's to, and he said sure if you need them let me know:nice:
    I left a message with the contact person @ the track yesterday and as of now 10:20 AM Thursday no responce. His email didn't work either.
  6. how come ur running spacers anyway? If its to prevent rubbing at full-lock, then u could probably just remove them for the trackday, cuz u probably wont be at full lock on the course.
  7. Had to use the spacer to clear the front struts, also the grease cap would knock out the center cap of the wheel. So had to use a 1/4" spacer to clear. I installed them on rear just to make car look even.
  8. :nice:

    They're multiplying

  9. That guy was pretty quick. His WRX was pretty modified and would spank me on the straights. My engine is stock and tired.
  10. I didn't spin. So far I've kept it off the grass. this was a training event so safety is the top priority.

    If possible, get an instructor or experienced person who knows the track to ride along with you. This will help you understand the safety aspects of the event and track. This is important. Once you've done at least one event with an instructor you will feel much more comfortable and safe out there.

  11. Now I just gotta come up with all te $$$$ I guess I will put some better brakes on it before I go. IF I GO?????:mad: :shrug:
    Haven't spilled the news to the wife just yet :scratch: