Anyone got pics of 2tone SN95's? Tinting all windows & painting upper half black.

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  1. Two Toned SN95 pics please:D
  2. i have seen a few and think it looks badass. there is a terminator down the street from my house that is the dark red with a black painted roof...besides paint quality it looks awesome
  3. Yeah I wanna do that to mine soon as I get the black DD Bullitt wheels on her. Think it will set them rims off properly! Will paint my tail lights or get some '96-98 lights too.

    Pretty soon!

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  4. I think the upper half being black would clash too much w/those rims, but that's just my opinion. just sayin'...

    Here's a real sweet two-tone:

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  6. Ill be doing the same thing, except Ill go down to the body line.
  7. Yeah that's what I'm talkin about! IMO, the black DD Bullitts would look SIIICK!